a few days in the city

Over the past year, I have worked part-time for MBA recruiting…generally this has involved planning prospective student visits to campus. But this week, it meant a trip to NYC. The event went off relatively smoothly and we had a lot of people there (more than we’d ever had before).

However, since I was going to be out there anyway, I decided to make a trip from it. A mini-vacation, if you will. So, my bestie Kelly graciously hosted me (thanks Leslie for your bed!) and we had a splendid time. Here are a few pics documenting the 3.5 day trip.

If you ever go to NYC, Bryant Park is a must. It’s one of my favorite places…and you can get great food at ‘Wichcraft. We had delicious paninis and enjoyed lots of people watching. (There is no where on this earth where the people watching is as good as it is in New York.)

Don’t let the Cubs shirts fool you…we went to a Mets game. This was my second one and I have to say that I am a fan of the field, for sure. Not sure just yet which team I’m going to root for regularly, but I’m thinking it will probably be the Mets based on my employment.

And finally, Kelly and I met our friend Puz for lunch at this great new place called Pulino’s on the corner of Bowery and Houston (it’s pronounced “house-ton” for those of you who don’t want to seem uber touristy when you visit New York). Amazing thin crust pizzas.

P.S. For those of you who requested color pics of the latest hair, there you go. You could call it blond or brown. I was going to go lighter, but I think I’m just going to see what the sunshine in Arizona does to it over the next six weeks.

quick update…

So, I know I’m a crappy blogger. I have lots of excuses about why this is, but this post isn’t about that. What this post is about is the decision that I made official this morning.

Starting in July of next year, I will officially be a New Yorker!!! I just accepted the offer for full-time employment with the company that I interned with this summer.


This post could also be called “Confessions of a Wannabe New Yorker.”

Sometimes…on the train, if someone was standing just a little too close to me (not when he or she couldn’t help it, of course), I would turn away from the person with just enough force to throw my handbag right into their stomach.
Sometimes…when people (mainly tourists) were walking just a little too slowly, I would sweep past them without even attempting to not slam into them just a bit.
Sometimes…even if I had every intention of standing (on the right) of an escalator so I could get in one more page of Atlas Shrugged before work, I would start walking (on the left) if I saw that someone was standing on the left just so I could ask tell the person to move over. And sometimes…I’d roll my eyes at the person.
Sometimes…when a person was not paying attention to where his/her dog was walking (as in leash stretched across the sidewalk) I would walk right where his/her dog would be right in my way…even if I could easily go around.
Sometimes…when I got home and people were sitting on my stoop, and therefore had to move so I could get into my building, I would take my sweet time getting my keys out. And sometimes…I would decide that was a perfect time to text message Kelly or Sarah.
KP, did I forget any?
Just so you all know, I did lots of nice things too, like give people directions and when it was obvious that they were geographically challenged (and sometimes more than just geographically) I would actually walk with them to wherever they were going or get them on the right train or the right street.
However, you can now see why some people don’t like me.

because 30 minutes of sleep is worse than none

I have a little time to kill before my car arrives to take me to the airport and back to the oh so lovely P-town and I wanted to tell you all what posts you can look forward to in the very near future.

  • Lots of Central Park photos
  • A report on my internship
  • An fully updated list of restaurants on my sidebar
  • Several posts about my fabulous friends
  • Multiple “Dear You” posts – inspired by NYC, plane travel, public transportation, people who make out in public, and a number of other equally entertaining topics
  • Confessions of a wannabe New Yorker (me)
  • And lots and lots and lots of pictures
The bad news? I’m leaving New York.
The good news? P-town affords me plenty of time to blog…just not much to blog about.

playing with actions (or what i am doing while i should be getting ready for church)

This is the Conservatory Garden…part of the oh so beautiful and amazing Central Park. Sarah and I went at the very beginning of my summer in NYC. It was overcast…but that made for lovely pictures especially since almost no one was there (minus a little wedding that was happening). I love this little walk. Like the oh so famous Poet’s Walk, but much smaller and less populous. Anyway…I applied a few different actions to this (most from The Pioneer Woman) and I am loving them! The photo above is the original…and then you can see just how many different things you can do with a little Photoshop. (Some of the differences are super subtle…but don’t let that fool you!)

And here is my lovely friend, Julie…the beautiful bride, and her best friend, Natalie. The photo looked pretty good to begin with (that’s how it works when you have pretty friends), but I loved giving it a totally different feel with a little action application.

Now, I don’t necessarily love all of these actions for this particular photo (it’s kind of fun how certain styles just don’t work for certain events), but it is fun to see them all.