because 30 minutes of sleep is worse than none

I have a little time to kill before my car arrives to take me to the airport and back to the oh so lovely P-town and I wanted to tell you all what posts you can look forward to in the very near future.

  • Lots of Central Park photos
  • A report on my internship
  • An fully updated list of restaurants on my sidebar
  • Several posts about my fabulous friends
  • Multiple “Dear You” posts – inspired by NYC, plane travel, public transportation, people who make out in public, and a number of other equally entertaining topics
  • Confessions of a wannabe New Yorker (me)
  • And lots and lots and lots of pictures
The bad news? I’m leaving New York.
The good news? P-town affords me plenty of time to blog…just not much to blog about.

2 thoughts on “because 30 minutes of sleep is worse than none

  1. chloe, i can't wait to see you and hear about your adventures in NYC. call us when you get home and can meet for lunch.. i'll drive down there..welcome back to ZIIIOONN!

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