quick update…

So, I know I’m a crappy blogger. I have lots of excuses about why this is, but this post isn’t about that. What this post is about is the decision that I made official this morning.

Starting in July of next year, I will officially be a New Yorker!!! I just accepted the offer for full-time employment with the company that I interned with this summer.

8 thoughts on “quick update…

  1. Congrats Chloe!! That is so exciting. You seem well suited for NYC.I'm going to try my luck at the NYC Marathon lottery in 2010–and the next, and the next until I can get in. I'd LOVE to run (even my version of it) in NYC.

  2. Yeah! I am so happy for you Chloe! Maybe one of these days I'll bring us to NY to visit! Shane has always wanted to go and I would love to see you and play for a day! Congrats and awesome job sister!

  3. Congratulations! That's so exciting, and I'm sure so nice to know what you'll be doing and where you're heading next year! Way to go!

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