la foccacia

This summer I’ve been able to spend some time with the other intern from my school. He’s an undergrad, but we are both interning at the same company in HR and he is just a gem. I also adore his wife, which makes hanging out with him even better. The two of them have been living in Astoria (a neighborhood in Queens) and they invited me to join them for dinner last week to see just what it was like. P.S. Astoria is great…if you aren’t single.

Last night, as a last hurrah (we both finish our internships on Friday), the three of us headed to dinner in the West Village–aka my neck of the woods. They had never been here and for those of you familiar with the West Village, it is a fabulous neighborhood. 
I decided that we needed to go to La Focaccia. Sarah, Sharla, Monica, and I went here one of my first few weeks in town and I had the most amazing salmon I’ve ever had in my life. So last night the debate was to salmon or not to salmon. I decided not to salmon, as evidenced by the photos. So happy I did. Not that the salmon wouldn’t have been fabulous, but the lamb was amazing!!! Why must I love food so much?!

I am sooo going to miss all the fabulousness that is NYC. The good news is Michael, Siri, and I have agreed that we must get together at least once a semester to go to SLC (not even close to NYC, but the best we’ve got) to have good food and reminisce about our days in the city.

With any luck, we’ll all be back here next July and the good times will continue.
P.S. Speaking of luck…send some my way. The next two days are going to be big for me!
P.P.S. Posts to come: Chinese cooking class, Sunday in Brooklyn, my mid-MBA-life-crisis, and the full-story about my summer internship. I promise…once school starts and I’m back to procrastinating the mundane tasks of my boring existence, I will be a much better blogger.

dinner at luz in the bk

Tuesday night I headed to Brooklyn to meet my friend, Emilie (an alumna from my MBA program who works for the company where I’m interning…and yes, I’m cryptic on purpose) and her husband for dinner at Luz

I have to say that I really enjoyed it. While it wasn’t necessarily the best food I’ve ever had, it was good, and the company was fantastic. 

This is a tuna ceviche (raw tuna) with a really yummy vinaigrette, grilled pineapple, jalapenos, and corn (I have no idea how to explain how the corn was cooked, but it was kind of puffed and crunchy, but not fried). This was by far my favorite dish of the evening. 

Empanadas: the one on the left was filled with this delicious goat cheese melange. The one on the right was a spinach concoction that I can’t say I fully appreciated.

This was not actually my dish, but it was really good. Emilie ordered it and it was really good steak and yucca (right?) with a mayonnaise based sauce.
I decided to get semi-adventurous with dessert (some of you may find raw fish adventurous – I do not). It was a warm guava tart (I LOVE all things guava – not the adventurous part) with CHEESE ice cream. Guess what. Cheese ice cream is about as good as it sounds. It was kind of…GROSS!!!) 
And after our fabulous dinner, we stopped by their apartment so I could see just how much more one can afford by going one train stop into Brooklyn. Drool was coming down my chin. A gorgeous one bedroom on the 19th floor of a high-rise, with a view of the Manhattan Bridge and some of the Brooklyn Bridge and the downtown skyline, a washer and dryer in the unit, beautiful kitchen, lots of storage, and more space than I knew existed in a New York apartment. Unbelievable! It was enough to make me consider moving to Brooklyn, assuming I come back next year.

an afternoon in central park

This post is way overdue (like, over two weeks)…but better late than never. Before I started working (when I still had time to do things), Sarah and I spent an afternoon (morning?) in Central Park. We started at the north end (the non-touristy part) and then headed south.

Central Park is an amazing place. It’s interesting that when movies shoot in it, it seems to always be in the same three or four locations; Bethesda Fountain, Poet’s Walk, The Boathouse (all pictured below), and a few other places. But that is just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak. There is so much more to see. I could not believe how truly isolate I could feel in such a huge city.
Sarah and I started at the northeast end of the park and wandered across heading toward the Conservatory Garden. Along the way, I realized that all those episodes of Law & Order I saw where bodies were discovered in random places in Central Park could actually be feasible. I mean, there is all kinds of wilderness going on.

We walked past The Pool (yes, that’s the name of this particular body of water). I just loved the Weeping Willows around it. 
When we finally got to the Conservatory Garden, a bridal party was heading in. Thanks to my amazing new lens, I was able to capture this “paparazzi-esque” photo. 
The Garden was amazing…although I can’t wait to head back when the flowers are in full-bloom. The lovely overcast day made for good shooting, too. (I meant to edit the pics now that I am the happy owner of Photo Shop, but I realized that if I waited to do that…this post wouldn’t be happening for about a year, since I have no idea how to use Photo Shop yet).

There were some roses already in bloom…absolutely stunning!

Poet’s Walk.

Bethesda Fountain.

The Boathouse.

View of buildings from inside the park.

why you should always live your life like you’re a summer intern?

It’s 2:00 am and I should really be getting to bed. The problem is that my life is just busy. I work all day…and then I play in the evenings. There’s just so much I want to do while I’m here and I only have three months (at least in my mind) to do it all. I have lists and lists of things I want to do, which brings me to why a) I haven’t posted much this week and b) I think everyone should live like an intern.

I spent 17+ years of my life just east of San Francisco and I’ve never been to Alcatraz. How many of us do that? Spend years in a place and never experience it through the eyes of a tourist (ie for all of the great things it has to offer). Now I realize I’m in New York right now, but there are great things to appreciate everywhere. Maybe not as many as there are here, but there are…and the “summer internship” mindset really helps you see those things.

I started taking this approach when I moved back to P-town and it has made the experience much more enjoyable. If you can do that in P-town, you can do it anywhere.