an afternoon in central park

This post is way overdue (like, over two weeks)…but better late than never. Before I started working (when I still had time to do things), Sarah and I spent an afternoon (morning?) in Central Park. We started at the north end (the non-touristy part) and then headed south.

Central Park is an amazing place. It’s interesting that when movies shoot in it, it seems to always be in the same three or four locations; Bethesda Fountain, Poet’s Walk, The Boathouse (all pictured below), and a few other places. But that is just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak. There is so much more to see. I could not believe how truly isolate I could feel in such a huge city.
Sarah and I started at the northeast end of the park and wandered across heading toward the Conservatory Garden. Along the way, I realized that all those episodes of Law & Order I saw where bodies were discovered in random places in Central Park could actually be feasible. I mean, there is all kinds of wilderness going on.

We walked past The Pool (yes, that’s the name of this particular body of water). I just loved the Weeping Willows around it. 
When we finally got to the Conservatory Garden, a bridal party was heading in. Thanks to my amazing new lens, I was able to capture this “paparazzi-esque” photo. 
The Garden was amazing…although I can’t wait to head back when the flowers are in full-bloom. The lovely overcast day made for good shooting, too. (I meant to edit the pics now that I am the happy owner of Photo Shop, but I realized that if I waited to do that…this post wouldn’t be happening for about a year, since I have no idea how to use Photo Shop yet).

There were some roses already in bloom…absolutely stunning!

Poet’s Walk.

Bethesda Fountain.

The Boathouse.

View of buildings from inside the park.

4 thoughts on “an afternoon in central park

  1. ahhh- central park!!! i love it.i'm going to be wondering about that bridal party for awhile now. i wonder if she even imagines she could be in a photo on someone's blog somewhere… 🙂

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