la foccacia

This summer I’ve been able to spend some time with the other intern from my school. He’s an undergrad, but we are both interning at the same company in HR and he is just a gem. I also adore his wife, which makes hanging out with him even better. The two of them have been living in Astoria (a neighborhood in Queens) and they invited me to join them for dinner last week to see just what it was like. P.S. Astoria is great…if you aren’t single.

Last night, as a last hurrah (we both finish our internships on Friday), the three of us headed to dinner in the West Village–aka my neck of the woods. They had never been here and for those of you familiar with the West Village, it is a fabulous neighborhood. 
I decided that we needed to go to La Focaccia. Sarah, Sharla, Monica, and I went here one of my first few weeks in town and I had the most amazing salmon I’ve ever had in my life. So last night the debate was to salmon or not to salmon. I decided not to salmon, as evidenced by the photos. So happy I did. Not that the salmon wouldn’t have been fabulous, but the lamb was amazing!!! Why must I love food so much?!

I am sooo going to miss all the fabulousness that is NYC. The good news is Michael, Siri, and I have agreed that we must get together at least once a semester to go to SLC (not even close to NYC, but the best we’ve got) to have good food and reminisce about our days in the city.

With any luck, we’ll all be back here next July and the good times will continue.
P.S. Speaking of luck…send some my way. The next two days are going to be big for me!
P.P.S. Posts to come: Chinese cooking class, Sunday in Brooklyn, my mid-MBA-life-crisis, and the full-story about my summer internship. I promise…once school starts and I’m back to procrastinating the mundane tasks of my boring existence, I will be a much better blogger.

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