living in new york for real

That is what became a possibility today. After busting my butt all summer, I just got an offer for full-time employment post MBA!!! I’m thrilled. 

But I do have a little time to decide. Wish me luck!!!

6 thoughts on “living in new york for real

  1. Congratulations! I selfishly wanted you to find a job here in the Bay Area (there is still time 😉 ) but NYC it too good to be true. The people, the sites, the shows, the museums, the FOOD! It must feel so great to leave with an offer after all of your hard work and to have a solid option out there! Way to go. Oh……and if it ends up that NY is where you will end up…..I am am coming!….with stretch pants…to eat my way through it with you! Oh, and we can't leave out Jake! Take Care.

  2. Wow!! CONGRATS!!You are awesome and that is fabulous. Good luck with the decision making. No matter what you decide I'm sure it feels great to have the option.

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