where does the time go?

Okay, I know where it goes. It disappears with work, commuting, eating out, the gym (which at this point is only ensuring that I don’t balloon from all of the delicious food here), Broadway shows, movies, starting and finishing a 350+ page book, and sightseeing. The two activities not getting much of my time? Internet communications (emailing, reading blogs, writing blogs, etc) and sleeping. 
It has been a seriously packed week…in fact, “sleeping in” on Saturday gave me my best night of sleep the whole week; a whopping 5 hours. And it’s not that I don’t have a lot to share. That’s the problem. I’m doing so much that I have too much to share so I don’t share any. In the meantime, here is a list of all that I did this week:
  • Sunday – Got back from my quick trip to Arizona, headed to the Harrison’s for dinner, wandered Riverside Park (of You’ve Got Mail fame), saw the apartment building from Enchanted, home to unpack.
  • Monday – Work, trainer, out to dinner with my new friend, Alisa (currently getting her MBA at NYU and interning at L’Oreal) which consisted of dinner, wandering the Lower East Side, dessert at Cups and Cones, a stop for Alisa at the Dessert Truck (yes, it’s a truck…with dessert), and then back home. Began the book.
  • Tuesday – Work, and then I can’t even remember what else I did on Tuesday because that’s how full my week has been. Maybe it will come to me? And it just did (pre-posting). I’m not sure how I forgot this. Pete Yorn came to play at the Apple store in SoHo…for FREE!!! So I took myself down there (sad the girls weren’t in town to join me) and listened to him play a bunch of songs from his new album, some old favorites and a few amazing covers. When the live recording comes out on iTunes (which I’m sure it will) you’ll know I was there. After which I got myself dinner at The Creperie on McDougal (thank you Oliver!). 
  • Wednesday – Work, then hung out with Kelly and Sarah who were finally back in town. We had dinner at Toast (a favorite) and then ice-cream at Ben & Jerry’s. Yummy!
  • Thursday – Work, delicious sushi at Haru, and then I went to see 9 to 5, with Allison Janney, Stephanie J. Block, and Megan Hilton…and yes, I totally met Allison Janney after the show. AMAZING!!!
  • Friday – Work, trainer, and then met up with the girls at Shake Shack, followed by The Proposal. (P.S. That movie is hilarious!!! I am in love with Ryan Reynolds!)
  • Saturday – Woke up at 8:30 (that’s an extra 2.5 hours of sleep over the norm…except that I’d gone to bed about 3:30) to talk to Emily in Boston. Met up with Sarah, Kelly, and Candice for lunch at Freeman’s (amazing!!!), spent a couple of hours reading in Barnes & Noble (we had some time to kill), then up to try for the lottery for In the Heights. Sarah won two tickets (and by “won”, I mean won the right to purchase two tickets at $26.50 a piece), so she went with her friend, Keila, and Kelly and I went to another movie. 
All in all it was  busy week. There’s just soooo much to do here…and see…and eat. And this week is already shaping up to be just as busy…if not busier.
So, I’m going to throw a couple of pictures up and call it a night. 

2 thoughts on “where does the time go?

  1. I love reading your blog about all of your New York adventures! I have never been to NY but my husband is taking me in October – can't wait – and we will have to try some of the restaurants you mentioned! Cathy

  2. Love the pictures, but I am seriously thinking how lucky you are to eat out almost every meal!! Sounds nice not have to cook.

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