girls’ night out #2

Sharla Lovell, me, Monica Harrison, and Erin Davis  
(They all have blogs that you can link to on my sidebar…no patience for html right now)

So, the second week I was here, Sarah and I met up with a couple of the MBA spouses for a girls’ night out (can’t remember if I blogged about it or not). Anyway, this last week, we did it again. We were going to maybe do dinner and a show, but due to my unexpected trip to AZ this weekend, I needed to get home so I could pack up. In any case, this week we went to this darling little restaurant (of which there are four in Manhattan) called Petite Abeille (translated, it means “little bee”). It’s Belgian and I am always looking for good Belgian fare. 

Unfortunately, because I came straight from work (notice the outfit) I didn’t have my camera with me, so I don’t have any food pics. But not to worry. I’m sure I’ll go back. The muscles were delicious…as was the huge waffle with ice cream we all shared for dessert. I was very pleased with the food and the ambiance. 
Oh, and as an aside, I have started two entries on my sidebar. One with shows I’ve seen, and the other with places I’ve eaten in New York, in case you want to check any of them out (especially if you should make it out to New York any time in the near future.

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