shakespeare in the park

I snuck a picture of the stage on my phone before the play started. The stage alone was super impressive!!!

So, thanks to my fabulous friends who got up at the crack of dawn this morning to go stand in line for five hours while I worked, we all got to see Twelfth Night at the Delacorte Theater in Central Park. Anne Hathaway was the major headliner, but I think Audra McDonald (of Private Practice fame) was probably the show stopper. Or…well, really, the whole performance was PHENOMENAL!!! It was the first live performance of Shakespeare I have ever seen and all I can say is that I’m sad I wasted so many years of my life not knowing just how amazing Shakespeare is live! I mean, I know the stories, and I’ve seen a number of movies, but it’s just different. And all of the live music, both instrumental and vocal…fabulous!

And then there was the theater itself. From our seats, we could see the castle behind the stage (look at the picture again…castle is real, not part of set). There was a beautiful sunset making me appreciate all the gray skies I’ve had since moving here. No rain (a miracle in and of itself). Seriously, incredible. And, afterward, we all got to meet the cast, including Anne Hathaway. She was so nice, too (as were they all). I’m a huge fan. I just wish I could see it again! (Assuming I move here next summer, I will for sure be getting here in time to do this again!)
P.S. Picture of all of us with Anne Hathaway to come.

1 thought on “shakespeare in the park

  1. ok, you are putting my summer to SHAME! I am so jealous of all your seeing, doing, and eating! Live it up girl. Live it up.

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