mormon dance party…on a boat

Before moving out to New York, Sarah emailed me to see if I wanted to go on this Singles’ harbor cruise. Being me…I said yes, because I hate not doing things unless I have a really good reason not to. Really, it turned out to be dancing on a boat, but I did get to see the city skyline at night, and the Statue of Liberty. The fun part, in terms of dancing, is that normally Mormons dancing…kind of lame. But, when no one can leave, apparently it’s much better.

There were some other interesting parts to the evening, too. (Let’s just say I heard this kid’s life story…which included multiple TMI moments. I feel like I’ve met my “nice” quota for the year.)
And, to document the evening, I have the fabulous self-portrait at the top of this post (thanks to Sare…her camera is the best self-portrait camera EVER)! I have a few other pictures, but I haven’t downloaded them yet and I am currently in AZ, while my camera is still in NY.

2 thoughts on “mormon dance party…on a boat

  1. I second Jen…AZ??? You are a woman on the move.The idea of a Mormon dance on a boat and not being able to leave is kinda scary to me, even though I probably would have gone as well for the same reason- I don't like not going if I can swing it.

  2. what? arizona?! i can't keep track of you!!!"i feel like i've met my 'nice' quota for the week."- LOVE it. too funny.

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