new york vs. p-town

I know that title may seem like a no-brainer, but there are some things that I miss, I swear.

Things I am loving about New York:
  • Public transportation – until you have lived somewhere where public transit is good–and NY is one of the best (although of all the places I’ve been, Paris may actually win)–you seriously can’t understand how great it is.
  • Good food. Everywhere. But my neighborhood happens to be full of cute little restaurants. (Kelly and I went to this great little restaurant around the corner from my apartment.)
  • People watching
  • Broadway shows – Sarah and I went and saw In the Heights last night (joined by two of my fellow b-schoolers, Allison and Mike). Amazing!!!
  • Central Park – I know you can tell it’s big from a map, but wandering through it, and not just the tourist/famous/movie featured parts, you get a whole new perspective. It’s like a forest in the middle of a city.
  • My besties – I have so missed Sarah, Kelly, and Candice. It’s so fun to be back with them.
  • Photo ops – I don’t ever leave my camera at home. 
  • Walking to my gym – it’s right around the corner from my house.
  • Reading on the subway – because you lose cell phone reception completely underground, I can’t call people. And because I’m not driving, I have plenty of time to read. It’s awesome.
  • The diversity – living here is just incredible. On Wednesday I overheard two men talking about a women (a client – I was at the gym) and one was describing her to the other. He said, “You know, the caucasian woman with the big eyes.” Never in a million years would you ever hear anyone in P-town describe someone as “the caucasian woman” because it wouldn’t mean anything.
Things I miss about P-town:
  • Getting just about anywhere fast – while public transportation is nice, it takes a little more thought and planning.
  • Running all of my errands at once – or another way of putting it, having a car with a trunk. I have to be much more strategic about errand running here because I can only carry so much.
  • Time to talk on the phone – that might sound weird but the combination of traveling underground and being 2 – 3 hours later than all of my family and most of my friends makes for not a lot of communication.
  • Prices – seriously, everything here is more expensive. Everything. 
  • Central A/C – I do have a window unit, but it’s just not the same. 
  • Dryness – it hasn’t even been that humid here, but I do love that I am in control of my own moisture level in Utah. If I want to not be dry, I put on lotion. NYC – no such luck. I’m sticky all the time. 
  • Stealing toilet paper from my dad’s house – and various other goods that I haven’t had to pay for over the past few years. 
  • A washer and dryer that I can use any time, and in which I can leave my clothes while I go do other things.
  • The mountains – nothing quite compares.
  • Target – I have one here, but it’s in the Bronx…which is about 220 blocks north of me. It’s quite the trip.
  • My b-school besties – the consolation there is that they are spread out all over the country right now, so being in P-town wouldn’t really help that.

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