my fabulous apartment

When I decided that I would be headed to NY for the summer, I started to stress about finding somewhere to live. Having lived alone for the past 4-ish years, and knowing plenty of people in NYC to have a fabulous social life sans roommates, I wanted to find a place to live on my own. So, I got on the Google group for the singles in my church in NYC and posted a “sublet wanted” ad. I got a few pretty quick responses. Thanks to the oh so fabulous Sarah, I found a great place! (It’s nice to have a person “on the ground” to help out in these situations.)

Said fabulous apartment is a studio located in Greenwich Village. It is teeny-tiny, but perfect sized for me for the summer. It’s a fourth floor walk up in an older building that has lots of character (and characters…I can currently hear neighbors fighting in the courtyard–it sounds like a breakup). I am seriously in love with it!!! Even if it is just the slightest bit slanted…ha ha ha.
And here are some pictures (straight out of the camera…no time to edit these, so I apologize for how dark they are) to show you what it looks like:

Yes, this is the view from my front door…with the door open. I told you it’s small. But notice the AC unit in the window…that’s the only thing that would have been a real deal breaker.

My cute fireplace (excuse the pile of clothes…I still need some hangers).

From the corner looking toward the door. Notice that I have no microwave, no disposal (you can’t see that, but I’m telling you), and a mini-fridge. It’s a good thing I’ve lived without these things before, or this would be really difficult. 🙂
View from the bedroom/living room/kitchen window.
My hallway…which leads to my closet and bathroom (the doors of which don’t close on their own). 

My bathroom is actually quite large. I love it! plenty of room to be organized and move around.
Another bathroom view.
And the view from the bathroom. 
My apartment is seriously awesome (even if it does slant). I love my neighborhood. I love the fact that it’s at the back of the building (through a courtyard). I love that it backs up to more apartments, instead of a street. It’s in the heart of Greenwich Village, but totally secluded at the same time. Pretty much amazing!!!

4 thoughts on “my fabulous apartment

  1. I’m paying $1650, which includes utilities. Yeah. Not cheap. But it also included all of the furniture and the girl I’m subletting from bought all new bedding before I came, so I didn’t have to bring anything but me and my clothes (and all that other stuff I can’t live without).

  2. Okay, I totally plan on living vicariously in NY through you. Hope you don’t mind.I’ve never been. Yet.Your apartment is darling! Tiny yes, but oh my goodness you are in Greenwich Village in NYC. I love that first picture of your little corner of the city. Looks like you have a great place. Can’t wait to hear about your adventures.

  3. I love it! It reminds me of something from the mission. You didn’t mention how much your rent is. I’m guessing it’s totally outrageous.

  4. you totally scored on apartments. and in greenwich village!!! nice!so did you have to haul all your bedding and the drapes, etc in with your luggage?!?!?

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