a conference call

So, this summer I am heading to New York to intern with this company. Many have questioned my judgment considering some of the offers I had. (I was very blessed and had great offers from a few Fortune 100 companies.) At times I have even wondered if I made the right decision. I definitely didn’t make the “easy” decision or the “safe” decision, but yesterday I remembered just why I made the decision I did. It is an AMAZING opportunity!

Yesterday I had a conference call with my program coordinator, the new full-time hires, the other summer associates (aka interns), our mentors, and the Head of HR (for the entire company). It was so great to talk to everyone, get a feel for the people with whom I’ll be working, hear where the company is heading (in terms of HR), and really feel like I’ll get the opportunity to do some very meaningful work.

Not to mention the fact that I’ll be in New York with Sarah, Candice, and Emily.

1 thought on “a conference call

  1. ok, so from someone who doesn’t know you incredibly well, but did invade your space for awhile, can i just tell you this is one of the things i like best about you? you’re not afraid to follow your instincts and do what you feel is right. that’s rare, i think, and a trait you should never, ever let go of. i am so excited for you and this internship! what a great opportunity and what a fantastic place to be!

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