goals and sacrifices (as originally published on the other blog on january 1st)

I’m not really a believer in “resolutions” per se (although I’ve been known to make them). What I do believe in are goals and “give ups” (read sacrifices).

So this year my “give up”? Carbonation in all it’s forms. Yes, even (and especially) Diet Coke. Just so you know, I’ve done this with chocolate, so it’s not unthinkable or unbelievable, no matter how unlikely it seems. I’ve also considered sacrificing a few of my favorite words…but since I already used one today, it may be more than I can handle. It’s still under consideration, it just wouldn’t be for a whole year (1 day shy is all).

My goals for the year? I currently have one that I will be sharing publicly. I will be running another marathon (yes, just one…if two or three happen, great).

And I am still working on my word of the year. For 2008, it was kindness. I can’t say that I’ve been total successful, but definitely more aware. I’m considering patience, but I think that might be asking for it. Hopefully during my 14+ hours of travel tomorrow, I can figure it out.

2 thoughts on “goals and sacrifices (as originally published on the other blog on january 1st)

  1. carbonation free?! i admire that. i can’t seem to let it go in any form. i just switch to root beer and fresca from diet pepsi. :)did you seriously give up chocolate?! you have my upmost respect. good luck! and how awesome for the marathon! which one are you doing?

  2. A carbonation free diet is a good one. That is the one (and only) thing I’ve successfully given up and it makes me feel good.Yay for the marathon! Have you decided which one? Didn’t you get in and defer St. George last year?

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