and she’s off

I head to Nashville tomorrow for V’s Welcome Weekend. After that, it’s D-day. I have to let V know by April 15th. I think I’ve made up my mind…and it’s probably not going to be V, but I have to go out there one more time, just to be sure.

Well, and to see these people. They are the best! Seriously. I had so much fun with them in January, I couldn’t pass up another opportunity to head out there.

It’s sure to be a rough weekend filled with lots of emotion, because at one point I was dead set on going to V. But life happens, circumstances change, new information becomes available, and decisions evolve. Isn’t it lovely?

As I won’t be posting anything until Monday (I have pretty strict rules about blogging while on trips…I don’t do it), I have left you with some fun downloads. They are on the sidebar (so you’ll actually have to visit the blog).

Stay tuned for Decision ’08 (well, the one that really matters to me at this moment), when all shall be revealed. Well, most. I have to leave something for the tabloids when I become rich and famous. Ha ha ha.

7 thoughts on “and she’s off

  1. Hope your trip went well. I am nearing exams here in NOLA. Before returning to school myself, I’d forgotten how much exams suck. No really, they do. Furthermore, these exams suck more. I mean really, who cares what’s in the tax code? God made services like Turbo Tax for a reason.

  2. Have a good time. I’m glad you’re going even if you’re not bound to go to V. At least the trip will help you make your decision.BTW good luck with the airlines. I hope you get out.

  3. Good luck with decision 08′ Hope that you are able to make a choice and feel good about it. I will be thinking about you!

  4. Enjoy the southern hospitality and bbq and sweet tea…man, if you can resist all that, you have an iron will. Congrats on V, though, even if you don’t end up there. That’s a huge accomplishment!

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