musical monday (a day late?)

So, Sarah, Emily, Heidi and I headed to Salt Lake on Saturday to see the Hotel Cafe Tour. It was a great show.

Cary Brothers

The song in this video (and it’s not complete) is called Honestly.

My favorite song is probably Ride.

Meiko performing Reasons to Love You. Her album is rad!

Cary Brothers feat. Ingrid Michaelson, covering The Thompson Twins classic (do they have classics?), If You Were Here.

A little Ingrid on her own performing The Hat.

Dan Wilson (lead singer of Semisonic) performing Easy Silence (made famous by the Dixie Chicks).

Some combined singing in the crowd…it was kind of amazing.

Despite a crappy beginning, my weekend turned out just fine. Oh, and…it turns out I totally went to high school with the drummer. He didn’t remember me (nice…I’d love to say it was the alcohol, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t), but my weird memory never forgets anyone.

*Yes Shannon, I did totally copy your idea. Just remember, imitation is the highest form of flattery…or so they say.

3 thoughts on “musical monday (a day late?)

  1. I LOVE this tour!!!I love everything about it: The artistsHow it all beganThat no one sells out and they all support one anotherThe Hotel Cafe is my favourite venue in LA, and anytime you want to visit, you just let me know!

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