pins and needles

I’m sure you are all dying to here where I’m going to school next year. It’s like the series finale of some great show, right? Ha ha ha. So, I don’t really think you care that much, but D-day is tomorrow and I fully intend to have decided by then.

In the meantime, let me just say the following:

  1. I LOVE Nashville!
  2. Drunk people are hilarious.
  3. Vanderbilt has an amazing program. Seriously.
  4. I am pretty much terrified of b-school. This is going to be an intense course in “things that Chloe is not good at”, because that’s the point.
  5. I totally have “senioritis” when it comes to work…but I have so much to do, it’s not really possible to let that affect my actions.
  6. Old money is fun.
  7. The South is very different from the West.
  8. I have some serious materialism issues.
  9. I hate decisions when it’s a difference between what I want most and what I want now. This is true of picking a school and of dieting, among other things.
  10. Southern bbq is totally different than what I know as bbq…and much better.
  11. I really do miss the diversity of living outside of P-town. Really. A lot.
  12. Either decision is going to leave me questioning. I really hoped that it would become totally clear. And maybe it hasn’t because I have not made a choice yet. In any case, I’m going to be happy and sad either way.

It was a fantastic weekend, which is only making my decision that much more difficult. However, in the end, even when more information complicates decisions, I think having as much information as possible is always the way to go.

Stay tuned. Tomorrow will be the day, as I refuse to give Vanderbilt $1000 deposit if I’m not sure I’m going there and said deposit has to be postmarked April 15.

12 thoughts on “pins and needles

  1. I vote for the south. Only because that is where we live and I think you would like it. Plus if you ever want to visit the Cheney’s we are just a hop skip and jump away.

  2. good luck with your choice!!! and it sounds like at this point it really is that- a choice. dang it. 🙂 um, good luck sleeping, too!

  3. and… i’m sure you’ll make the decision you need to make. only you knows what is best for you, so have no fear because it is impossible to make a “wrong” decision!

  4. i vote for V!! not that you were asking for votes or anything… but that way i’d have a place to stay when i go to Bonnaroo next summer!

  5. Chloe – You have totally missed the boat on this one! You should be holding a pizza giveaway or some sort of other betting tactic concerning your decision!

  6. I really am on pins and needles! I can’t wait to hear what you decide. It will be great either way, you know it will, just different but both are such good choices so at least you can’t really go wrong in the end. You know? Totally not helping here I know but I’m excited to see where you end up! Miss you tons!Candice

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