and again

I love that I have realized that my life really is a beautifully orchestrated series of events that align in such a way as to make the lowest lows bearable and the highest highs appreciated.

I heard from T today. I was denied. My number one choice for so long rejected me. But it wasn’t all that painful, surprisingly (and being rejected from a graduate program would never make my “lowest lows” list). First of all, it simplified my decision. Fewer choices, less fear and risk of choosing the “wrong” one (I really don’t think any of the schools I applied to would be “wrong”). But more than that, the interview at V made me realize that a) I probably wouldn’t get into T, as my interview was probably even worse than I had first thought and b) I actually like V just a little better. So, it’s not as highly ranked. I still like it better, for various reasons.

And that is why it was so perfect that I heard from T today, after V, after B. I love that my life works this way. Maybe every life could be like this, if people chose to hear the beauty of the dissonant chords.

4 thoughts on “and again

  1. Your last sentence — wow. I actually enjoy it when my range of choices is narrowed for me as I am so indecisive! I’m sure you’ll make a great decision on this.

  2. I didn’t read the post until after I talked to you last night. I know everything will work out for the best. B is not a bad place either and they really really want you! Maybe we can get M to go to B, and life will be wonderful đŸ˜‰ But I am not going to play match maker…

  3. I love that–“hear the beauty of dissonant chords”–you’re such a great writer!Speaking of dissonant chords, if you want to hear how beautiful they can be, check out anything by Eric Whitacre. He’s a composer, and several of his works are available on iTunes. Beautifully dissonant.

  4. What a beautiful way to recognize the divine gifts in the less-than-desirable moments. Thank you for that reminder today. I’m sure whichever path is right will hold beautiful blessings for you. (It’s Emily’s sister, btw, and I just know this is going to post as “Heidimoo” which has me gnashing my teeth.)

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