long time gone

I met Megan and Steven while living in Europe. At the time, they were not “Megan and Steven” but just Megan, and just Steven. Megan and I hit it off. I don’t remember my very first impression of Steven, but I do remember that (for some reason unbeknown to me…and quite out of character) I loved trying to get his goat. Weird.
Anyway, eight years later, Megan and Steven have been “Megan and Steven” for quite some time and they have the sweetest little girls in the world. These are the people I stayed with in Nashville, and regardless of how things had gone at V (thankfully, they went well), the trip would have been worth it just to see them. It had been about four years since I last saw them. They were still living in Utah, with their babies (the girls are twins), figuring out what to do with their lives. Funny how things change, but don’t.
I hope you are all lucky enough to have such wonderful friends. I was the slightest bit apprehensive about inviting myself to stay with them (but not enough to not do it), but Megan was so gracious that I knew I’d be welcome…and welcome I was. From my late arrival Friday night, to my need to attend Weight Watchers Saturday morning, braving the freezing cold so I could see Nashville, homemade pasta, a super-late-night conversation Saturday night (poor Megan couldn’t stay awake), Aebelskiver on Sunday (they make good on their blog promises), the ride to my school visit and back to the airport, I could not have asked for nicer hosts. Add to that the fact that I absolutely love these people, and I was in heaven. I could talk to either of them for hours (and I did)…and I adore their little girls. They are such great parents, because truly no child is on good behavior for three days straight.
And even after a number of years of semi-sporadic contact, our relationship picked up right where it had left off (only maybe a bit better since Megan and I joined the world of blogging). In any case, this weekend was exactly what I needed. It gave me some much needed and appreciated perspective on life. And it gave me time to fall in love with Nashville…even if it was freezing.

7 thoughts on “long time gone

  1. Me too, me too! I want to go visit Megan and her family! You too Chloe, I have always loved hanging out with you. Some people are just so easy to love!!!

  2. I love friendships that can pick up where they left off. And as a mother, I can tell you that a friend who genuinely loves your children is a true blessing!

  3. Shannon,I just realize that I never posted about my lovely visit with you. For shame!!! And I didn’t even take any pictures of darling Oliver. I am a horrible person. It looks like I need to come to Boston. Maybe on my way back from the Congo I’ll make a little detour. How’s June for you?

  4. Okay, I’m totally jealous!! I want to see Megan and Steve, and Chloe!! Zack and I miss you too! So that means we deserve a visit next! Only wait until our house isn’t freezing! Don’t you just love having great friends?!

  5. Hey there, We miss you! It’s way too quiet, in that I don’t have anyone to talk to. Strange how you get used to something so quickly, and then it’s just gone. We had a great time this last weekend. Come back again in April if you can. Love,Megan

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