No…it’s not the one I have been waiting for. This one came out of nowhere. I thought I would get accepted into this particular MBA program, but I didn’t think it would happen during my interview. And this interview…was so enjoyable. And then, out of nowhere, “Well, you’re in.”

What? Seriously? Just like that?

I was shocked. Suddenly, this is all so real. I mean, theoretically, I knew I’d get in somewhere, but theory and reality are two different things.

And one more reason my dad is seriously, seriously rad…I came home to this sign on my front door. He really is the greatest!

I looked much better than this at my interview, in case you were wondering.

15 thoughts on “accepted

  1. Yay yay yay yay! It’s official! You’re such a smartie-pants. I’m so happy for you that you were accepted and also because you’re so BRAVE. You really do have a Rad Dad.

  2. woo hoo!!! this is sure to be the first of the flood of acceptances you receive. i have no doubt you’re going to have a lot of choices.and your dad is awesome. how cool!

  3. good for you ! you have a strong will and will get what you want out of life.. congrats and keep me posted on what else comes your way!

  4. Congratulations! It’s nice to be wanted, isn’t it? (Even if it’s a fall-back, which is sounds like this one might be.)Hope the others start rolling in soon!

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