weight watchers weekly – week 1 redo

I know you’ve all been missing these. I’m sure you noticed their absence, but I didn’t really feel the need to announce to the world (okay, the 100 or so of you who stop by daily) that I had become another statistic, a quitter of the WW. But, what’s the point in recording your life if you aren’t honest about it?

It’s been a while. My ankle was injured from the marathon. The stress of grad school applications got to me. The end of the semester was crazy. The holidays happened. I had to eat ice-cream daily for a week straight after the tonsillectomy. Well, my ankle is back to good, the last application goes in on Tuesday, the semester ended along with the holidays, and my throat has healed. No more excuses.

So, this morning I was back at the WW. It was painful. All that work down the tubes. Okay, not all of it, but a lot of it. I am still down 7 lbs, and those 7 lbs are gone for good. But it’s hard to think that I managed to put on 18. Yuck! 18 lbs! Okay, I’m letting go now.

I have eight weeks before my next race. If I average 2 lbs a week, I’ll be 2 lbs away from where I was at my low point. I think it’s doable. And in case you haven’t been following my workout tracker in the sidebar, you haven’t missed much. In the first 11 days of the new year, I have worked out a total of twice. But that all changes today. My goal is to PR on this next half-marathon, so it’s time to step it up!

Goals for this week:

  1. Run four days – for a total of 16 miles (I’m easing my way back in).
  2. Cross train two days.
  3. Get in three toning workouts.
  4. Follow WW’s points exactly.
  5. Drink 48 oz. of water a day.
  6. Get six hours of sleep a night (yes…that’s an improvement)

Game on!

11 thoughts on “weight watchers weekly – week 1 redo

  1. I hear you. I totally fell off the wagon during the Holidays. I am trying to get back on track. So when you are out here, we can do it together! Can’t wait to see you.

  2. Good job recommitting! I find looking back at the weight gained never does me any good- I keep my eye on the prize and visualize success! At least that is what I am working on.Easing back into the running is a great idea- I am toying with the idea of a half marathon in April but just don’t know if that is too soon for me.And I would totally love to help you out with a canvas- they are seriously so fun. I will e-mail you…

  3. It was so fun running into you! It totally made my day to finally meet you. 🙂 Best of luck with WW. I just hate that our bodies forget all the effort that went into working out after just a few weeks of not doing it. Way to be persistent!

  4. awesome. i almost said i’d join you in your quest of 2 lbs per week, since i’ll see you in 8 weeks…but then i remembered the cookies on the counter… i have to rethink this. i’m still very non-comittal.i like your goals though! i don’t know anything about the point system, but i know a lot of people it’s worked for.

  5. I’ve been there, Chloe. More than once, in fact. Good job on the attitude turnaround. And what’s with 6 hours a night being an improvement??

  6. i have several comments to make here:on getting in: congratulations! and it seems like all the stress was for good reason.on the new page layout: way freaking cute. will you have a tutorial? i think i’m up for mine being a little less halloween and a little more cheer. on the ww: i am a total ww dropout. so, needless to say, i admire your re-dedication. impressive.on running, still: wow. i have no more words. i’m impressed all the way around.

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