un cauchemar

So, I am totally one of those people that dreams about whatever it is that’s going on in my life. Last night, it was a nightmare. This whole grad school application process makes me want to pull my hair out. Today is the six week mark for the school I mentioned earlier this week. Six weeks is the end of the time range they gave me for receiving an answer. After looking at their website yesterday and discovering that they aren’t even back in session until Tuesday, I decided to calm down and not worry about it.

I thought I did a pretty good job of letting go, until I went to sleep last night. Apparently, I didn’t stop the worrying, I just repressed it.

The Nightmare:

I got a letter in the mail from said university. I didn’t open it for fear of not getting in, so I went to my dad to have him open it. In the dream this involved leaving my house and walking across the street to his front door. At the front door, there was a grouping of people, some with video cameras, some dressed in suits, holding microphones: news people, and at the front of the group, talking to my dad was the guy who interviewed me. As I approached, I heard Mr. Interviewer asking my dad, “So, is Chloe taking the news okay? I mean, we know she really wanted to get in, but after her interview, there was just no way.”


And then I woke up. It was awful.

10 thoughts on “un cauchemar

  1. dreams, crazy. Do you ever wake up just mad at people?? for what they did to you in your dreams!!Good Luck!Okay, I have seen other websites with people raving about your backgrounds you do for them! Yours is adorable!

  2. Don’t you just hate the way worries and stress work their way into dreams? Hope you have better dreams tonight and hear from the university SOON!I know these kinds of dreams. You should see inside my head the night before I have to travel (fly) for business meetings. On second thought, maybe you shouldn’t!

  3. Sounds like you’ve been watching too much CNN, lol. The good news is, after a dream like that, the actual event should be much less stressful. At least the media won’t be on your doorstep to record your reaction!All digits crossed for you.

  4. No, Justin. No flying suns, or twine, or shopping carts. Just your average, run of the mill, normal person dream.Crystal, you should know that I dream (and read) in cartoon…or maybe it’s more like sophisticated computer animation. Julia, let’s not go interpreting this one. I’ll just chalk it up to OCD.Thanks, Amy! I know you’ve felt my pain.

  5. Hang in there! I’ve been through that pain also – it invaded all areas of my life, I was an angry grouch for months! Bon Courage!

  6. if you were a believer in dreams, that could be interestingly analyzed on so many levels! but that’s just the psychology-talk in me! good luck, chloe!!!!!

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