the fabulous life of…

And why is my life fabulous? (No, it’s not because I have heard from the aforementioned school and was accepted.) It’s because I get to park in the garage.

This may seem minor for all of you non-snow state dwellers, but I assure you it is a big deal. About a month ago, I made an off-handed remark to my dad, on the way out the door, about how I knew that the deepest desire of his heart was to clean out the middle garage stall so that I could park there for the winter. This is how I generally make requests to my father. He knows that when I say, “I bet you really want to…”, I will be asking for something.

To be honest, this was one I didn’t think would happen, but when I arrived home I had a garage door opener waiting on the railing by my front door (yes, I have my own front door, located in said garage) and my dad magically appeared to receive the praise that he totally deserved. My dad is rad!

Last week, the chain on the garage door broke, rendering my garage door opener completely obsolete. I was forced (yes, forced) to park outside in the cold for three whole days. It was awful…but considering there was no snow, it was not so bad. Last night, I arrived home to a new (much smaller, much nicer) garage door opener on my railing.

I woke up to a huge snow storm. There was already about six inches on the driveway. As usual, I got to be late (3 am…the joys of more school applications), and thus, did not want to get out of bed, so I didn’t until about 30 minutes after I should have. You cannot my joy at the realization, after peering out the window, that my car was parked in the nice warm garage and there would be no standing in the freezing cold scraping the mounds of snow from the windows.

Yes…I am totally spoiled. Isn’t better that I know it and appreciate it, though?

P.S. In case you are wondering, I have yet to hear from the school mentioned in my previous post. I have now been invited to interview with four of the five schools to which I have already applied. And I am in the process of applying to four more. January 15th, the day the last application is due, will be such a happy, happy day!

P.P.S. In case you were curious, my brother is hilarious. His is comment number 2! I love that kid.

9 thoughts on “the fabulous life of…

  1. Your dad IS rad! Our garage is full of all the stuff we don’t have room for in our little house. When I went out yesterday morning to scrape off the car (to drive kids to school), I was not happy.

  2. It is painful to get ready in your nice, toasty, warm house and then walk out to freezing weather to have to scrape off your windshield. Not a fun way to start off your day!!! And, I love that you said your dad is rad. I think I am going to start saying that again!

  3. So sweet of your dad! And I agree that parking in the garage is the best ever. It only rains here but I’m always so glad to have shelter when I get out of my car.

  4. We never parked in the garage growing up and I just thought scraping windows and brushing off snow was a part of life. We’re garages for holding all the non-house stuff (bikes, food storage, balls, tools etc.)I have also discovered the fabulous life of having a garage when we bought our house five years ago. I will never go back. Ever. It is the best.

  5. I am always amazed at how many of my neighbors don’t actually use their garages for their cars. If you have a nice, warm, comfy place to keep your car while it’s blizzarding outside, then do it! Don’t store your old vinyl records in there instead!Yay for dads and the sweet things they do.

  6. Your brother IS funny. I woke up this morning feeling spoiled that I didn’t have to go anywhere really- or rather that I can re-arrange my schedule to not go out today as planned, thus avoiding the weather and snowy car. Your dad sounds like a sweetie.

  7. Garages are the best. Down here in LV we don’t have to worry about waking up to a car covered in snow. But we do have to worry about waking up to no car at all ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  8. Sounds like a pretty fabulous life to me! I was out in the snow scraping my car this morning! (In shoes that were not at all sensible for this weather.)

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