scene of the moment

I’m stealing the title (and idea) from Mike.

Natalie (one of my secretaries): This phone call is for you.
Me (on the phone with Sarah): I know. It’s Julie. Can you tell her I’ll call her back?
Natalie: I already did that. Do you want me to tell the person from M to call you back, too?
Me: (to Natalie) What? No.
(to Sarah) I’ll call you back.
(to Mr. M) This is Chloe.
Mr. M: This is S (yes, we’re on a first name basis). How are you? I have Mr. B in the office with me. He’s the VP of Finance and we just had a few things we’d like you to do for us. K, do you remember her from the presentation?
Me: Yes.
Mr. M: Well, she would like to get this information out there, you know, in Business Week, Forbes, etc. But before she can, there are some numbers we need to tighten up. Mr. B is here to ask you some questions.
Mr. B: Hi Chloe. Can you hear me?
Me: Yes.
Mr. B: Well, I’ve had a chance to really look at your report and I have some questions. Do you think you can help me out with that?
Me: Of course.

What followed was a ten minute conversation (yes, I’m taking it off of my time clock) about things that they would like us to do before they can make our findings public. And then he gave me his phone number and told me that I was welcome to call any time if there is anything he can help me with.

Crazy! My life is crazy! I cannot believe what an amazing opportunity this has been and continues to be.

So, it looks like this semester, I will really be taking six credits, instead of three. I will be running one marathon. I will be losing 20 more lbs (I’m giving myself 3 months…I think that’s realistic). I will be applying to nine MBA programs (yes, I am crazy, but I also want to cover my bases).

Overwhelmed. That’s the emotion I’m feeling. Maybe I’ll finish reading Eclipse sometime next year. You know, when I’m taking statistics and visiting any of the schools that accept me so I can make an informed decision (of course, if I only get into one, that may not be very time consuming).

10 thoughts on “scene of the moment

  1. wow! wow! wow!so great.and i really think you need to go to grad school in paris so i can come visit you. so not a selfish request at all… πŸ˜‰

  2. This is SO awesome! You are so ambitious and really a great inspiration to me. Good luck with the application process–they’re all probably dying to have you.

  3. First, I will be using Mr. M as a letter of recommendation because he is a client and I am working for him. Second, I’m avoiding putting the schools I’m applying to on blog because, well, I’m paranoid. But I’m applying to two in New York, one in Paris, one just outside of Chicago, one in Texas, one in Michigan, one in the Bay Area (south, not east), the one I work at and possibly one in Seattle. We’ll see. I’m probably not applying to Wharton and I’m not applying to Harvard. That should give you a pretty good idea without any risks. The thing is, schools will Google your name now and things come up. Like, if you Google my first and last name in quotation marks (my last name is Danish not Swedish and it makes a difference…the Swedish version will get you to a porn star), the first two entries that pop up are me. A little crazy.

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