Hannah tagged me, so here we go. Eight random facts about me…this might be a bit difficult since I feel like I share my random facts all the time.

  1. I love chocolate milk, but only when it’s Nesquik in powder form mixed with milk. It’s delicious. And it’s part of my favorite breakfast (okay…after Swedish pancakes) of a toasted English muffin (Thomas’…toasted under the broiler, not in the toaster) and two eggs over easy. I don’t know when that breakfast started being made in my family, but I love it. I purchased some Quick (the “no sugar added” version) last night and had some chocolate milk before bed. So good.
  2. I love scary movies. Not gruesome, gory movies. But the truly terrifying movies with so much suspense you have to cover your eyes in order to survive.
  3. Roller coasters that make my stomach drop and fear for my life at the same time are my favorite.
  4. I ran with the bulls in Spain (okay, way ahead of the bulls, but I did almost get mauled by one of the bulls while in the arena…I had never before and have never since hopped a fence so quickly in my entire life).
  5. I see words in my head. Every word I say goes through my mind like a ticker at the bottom of a t.v. screen. And, if I can’t see a word , as in I have no idea how to spell it and no guesses, I often can’t say it.
  6. I envy very odd things about people. I had this fantastic British secretary for a while who totally looked like she belonged in a band…it was mainly the way she dressed. I envy those girls who can pull off that style. I cannot. I will never look like I belong in a band. I will never be able to pull off skinny jeans with a cute t-shirt and flats…and it’s not a body issue, it’s a persona issue.
  7. I put ice in my milk almost without fail…unless it is very, very cold.
  8. When I was just a baby, I broke off a piece of my sister’s toy telephone and it got lodged in my throat and I had to have a tracheotomy in order for the doctors to a) find the piece of clear plastic and b) remove it. You can still see the scar very well (although not so much in pics). I scar easily and horribly.

6 thoughts on “eight…

  1. Interesting! I like cold milk but don’t like ice in my milk. I love scary roller coasters but hate scary movies. I think I could ride roller coasters all day long. running with the bulls? Insane. My husband always threatens me that he wants to do it and I think it’s idiotic. I’m glad you got over the fence:)

  2. I love ice in milk! Have never had the sugar free Quick- didn’t know it was out there. I haven’t had chocolate milk in ages because of the calories. Excellent!I can watch the scary movies but not right before bed, which kinda makes it lame- watching a scary movie in the middle of the day. I am a wimp.Whenever I see a tracheotomy scar I think of this episode of Wonderfalls and it makes me laugh a little- very inappropriate eh?

  3. When you tell people about your word spelling conundrum do you get strange looks? Because I’m the same way! And people give me weird looks when I explain it to them. When I was a child I had problems with words like ready because I knew how to say them but I wanted to say the e and the a. I love those kinds of scary movies and roller coasters. I know what you mean about the fashion thing. It’s a persona thing and sometimes I feel so goofy trying to pull something off that looks so cute on someone else.

  4. hey, guess what…the word thing happens to me, too! i recently borrowed “mansfield park” from the library on cd and listened to it during my drives to logan. i then realized i hate books on cd because i can’t always see the words/names. which brings me to another strange thing…i like to watch movies with the subtitles on. so i can see the words. this annoys everyone, which is probably why i like to watch movies by myself.

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