it’s over

My weekend in D.C. is coming to an end. One fabulous blogger has been met. 15 miles have been run. One gourmet meal has been consumed. One high speed chase has been witnessed. Two movies have been watched (one, the fabulous “Stardust”, the second, shark propaganda to the max…song included). Three fabulous nights have been spent in gorgeous beds. One presentation to the executive committee has been made. All in all, it’s been great. Details to follow!

10 thoughts on “it’s over

  1. Details are coming!Christy – you should do Phoenix half with us. It will be a good time!Thom – I, too, love D.C., especially Georgetown. And yes, I use passive voice because I want to be just like Tommy. Okay, that’s a lie. I just like using different literary devices. Wasn’t Stardust great? A perfect blend of adventure, romance and comedy.

  2. Welcome back Chloe, can’t wait to read about how “hospitable” the people in DC were.Hopefully, next time we can meet up.

  3. I am glad that you had a great time. I have an office in DC so I love that town?Question: Did you purposely write like President Monson (the passive) because he is your favorite?

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