it’s official

I just registered for the GMAT! Suddenly, I am very, very nervous. Even though I did well on the practice one and I’m taking a class, somehow there is always this fear that something will go terribly wrong. Like when I was heading off to be an exchange student at the ripe young age of fourteen and I had to have my blood tested for any number of different communicable diseases. I knew I didn’t have any of them, but somehow, until I got the results, I kept worrying about what they would be.

I take the test in just over a month at 8 am on a Saturday morning. This test is all that stands between me and grad school. Well, this test, a few applications, several essays and letters of recommendation, at least one acceptance letter from at least one program, and thousands upon thousands of dollars in student loans. Holy cow, I have a lot to do! So, if my posts are shorter, just know that I am busy studying like crazy, or writing a gazillion essays, or begging for letters of recommendation, or running. And if my posts aren’t shorter or less frequent, you shouldn’t be impressed. You should be concerned about my sanity and sleep habits.

Oh, the joys of life!

14 thoughts on “it’s official

  1. good luck. and remember it is all a game. it is not about how smart you are but about how you play it!

  2. I am SO proud of you! What an exciting time in your life. I admire that you are doing this, it will be a lot of work and sooooo worth it in the end. I have a friend who has a lot of impressive accomplishments in her life. She said the one she is most proud of is finishing grad school. Good luck on your test. (Not that you even need it). You will do great!

  3. Wow…such great support and advice! I think if I can get my mind around the possibility of taking it twice, that will definitely help.Erika…thanks for that! I’m so glad Mom taught us to be so optimistic about life!

  4. I’m sure you will do great. Just don’t stress out, and get a drink at Sonic to take with you. Sage advice right there my friend. Sonic can get you through anything.

  5. Keep in mind that 1) you did so well on your practice GMAT that you could drop 20 points on the real thing and still have schools begging you to go, and 2) the best predictor of how well you’ll do is whether you’ve maintained your zen during the actual test (because you can still use your calm to reason your way to an awesome score even when you blank on formulas). Considering that you have aced every standardized test you’ve met, I will bet you a Bay Area Gastronomic Tour that you will do just fine on this one.

  6. oh wow! how exciting! i didn’t ever take the gmat, but i took the gre and i would plan on twice, too. hopefully you’ll only take it once, but if you have to take it twice, you’ll be prepped. :)i think the worry thing is a sure sign you are meant to be a grad student- i don’t know any that don’t worry….about every detail! but i know your essay will be fantastic just based on your posts- you have great clarity and you express yourself so well. i’m so excited for you! i got butterflies in my stomach just reading about your new adventure!

  7. My advice: plan on taking it twice. Not because it’s super difficult and I think you’ll do badly. But it’s one of those things where the more you stress about it the worse you’ll do. So if you go in knowing you’ll likely be taking it a second time it will be easier to relax and just get comfortable with the test. You’ll have a choice at the end (before you get your score estimate) whether or not to have it sent to your schools. If you don’t feel like you did your best, you’ll know you have another shot in the future. I know it’s expensive to take it twice, but this is grad school we’re talking about. Everything is expensive.

  8. Good luck Chloe! You will do a great job, I’m sure. But I know how you feel about the nervousness of it, I would be freaking out!

  9. You’re going to rock that test because look at you! You are the definition of pro-active! I really, really have enjoyed reading your blog. You are quite inspiring. I wish I would have spent more time with you at the blog party.

  10. Whoa, that’s a HUGE step. You’ll do great, I’m sure. I am such a worrier as well. I didn’t give blood forever because I was convinced that it would be rejected as a result of some very obscure disease that I had mysteriously contracted. I’m such a weirdo!!Good luck!!!

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