true friend on a monday morning

I got a phone call from my friend Dawn this morning (we work together) telling me she was going to stop at Sonic on her way into work. She wanted to know if I wanted anything. I almost cried with joy! How did she know that’s what I needed? I had tried to get out the door early this morning for that very purpose…but it didn’t happen. For those of you not addicted to caffeine, you will likely not understand how truly fabulous this was.

It’s going to be a good day!

12 thoughts on “true friend on a monday morning

  1. Who knew that Sonic could be so inspiring??? Rachel, it’s the flavor combinations, the pebble ice, and the happy hour prices (between 2 and 5 at most locations). Seriously, seriously fantastic! You need to go!

  2. I have not discovered Sonic and I think I’m the Queen of Caffeine addiction! I usually hit up Maverick! So please, do tell…what makes Sonic superior???

  3. I love sonic! It is so good…What a good friend to feed your DC fix. Mmmm DC!!! They are building one 10 min. from my house… I am so happy! I have not had a sonic close to me for more then 5 years… I am so excited! I need some crunchy Ice.

  4. You are funny. I LOVE Sonic. I have one sitting in front of me now….It was fun to meet you. I tried to catch myself up a bit…. I am impressed with your weight watcher success. I need to jump on that bandwagon!

  5. Annalisa…I did not design my blog header, my friend Sarah did (her link is on my sidebar). She’s fabulous. Although I did help choose the colors and fonts.

  6. Holy crap. I get on your blog to see what you said about the blog party (not that I’ve posted yet) and see that not only have you named your blog existential dilemmas which is something I would do, but you have a quote from one of my favorite movies of all time! I must admit I am a little jealous with how technically advanced your blog is. I like to think I am, but you have truly cool links on your sidebar. Did you design the header yourself? It’s very cute.

  7. I, like Mike, am only in it for the drinks…and the occasional shake (although, they count as drinks in my book). I love me a good vanilla DC, although with WW’s the vanilla costs calories, so I avoid. I love the Lemonberry slushes and grape or cherry limeades. All good things. And it’s true, the ice is fantastic!

  8. I’m just “in it” for the Cherry Lemonade, the ice (per Holly) and their commercials……in that order.

  9. Their ice makes everything taste better. It’s easier to munch on too. Yesterday we stopped to get limeades and I had a Diet Coke with fresh lime–tasty & refreshing!

  10. Amazing how fast Sonic has grown over the past 5-10 years….my new favorite is the Cherry-Lemonade…..miiiiighty fine!

  11. Nice. What a good friend. I just read Anne’s blog about Sonic too. I am so addicted to Sonic too!!!

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