and the show will go on

Apparently, people are not fans of breaking things up. I guess I was just worried that my running friends didn’t necessarily want to read about my weight loss stuff, or that the foodies out there don’t necessarily want to hear about my internet dating tragedies…that, and I feel like I post way too much and way to often. It appears, however, that I was mistaken. One blog it shall remain…which is nice since it took about 9 months to get this one looking and functioning the way I wanted it to.

Oh, and I do love the name of this blog. It was inspired by a quote from the movie Reality Bites. A lesser known film of the 1990’s that I don’t know that I would recommend to anyone, but a film that I thoroughly enjoy. Ethan Hawk, a soundtrack with U2, Ben Stiller before anyone knew who he was. A great flick, seriously. Although, I am easily entertained, so be warned.

Thank you all for your feedback. Admittedly, it was nice to hear that you all do like the one blog, even with the superfluous randomness that so often emerges from the depths of my crazy mind. Glad to know you’re enjoying it.

And Cristin…you really should try Google Reader. It changed my life.

11 thoughts on “and the show will go on

  1. I’m so happy you’re leaving it at one blog. I like reading about the online dating, the running, and everything else. It’s all very entertaining!

  2. I have seen Reality Bites so many times – so I knew exactly what the title of your blog was from. I had the soundtrack on a tape in high school and listened to it so many times that it broke. Spin the Bottle was my favorite song on that tape.

  3. ah! i LOVE that movie. i was trying to think of the name of it when i was blogging yesterday and couldn’t. i watched it endlessly in mexico of all places. no one can go wrong with ben stiller or u2. (well…maybe night at the museum, but i refuse to see that flick).

  4. Troy: [On answering machine] At the beep please leave your name, number and a brief justification for the ontological necessity of modern man’s existential dilemma and we’ll get back to you one more…Troy: You look like a doily.

  5. I didn’t comment either, but I agree. One blog is nice to get to know the whole Chloe, not just bits and pieces of her… if that makes sense. I need to blog more about my running on my blog!

  6. I’m a little late to the party, but I agree with your fan consensus. I like one blog and the variety of topics you post about. So, I’m happy to hear you this fab show will go on!BTW, I enjoyed your internet dating post…just late to that party too. 🙂 I applaud you for trying, because I guess you never know…but now you do-Ha! 36hrs!

  7. Although I didn’t post, I too am a fan of the one blog. I have 4, but only post to 2 and should delete the other two. I had grand ambitions. The scene when Winona gets home from her date with Ben Stiller and kisses Ethan Hawke, that is one of my all-time favorite movie kisses EVER!

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