breaking up the band

I’m thinking of starting two more blogs…actually, it’s more like three. One for my cooking, one for my weight loss and one for my running. This one would remain intact…as a place for me to write about the other stuff. What other stuff? Well, the stuff I don’t write about because I already post so much and so often.

Anyway, I’m looking for some blog titles. Choosing a title is a big deal and I want to do a good job. And since two minds are better than one, and so on, I figured it would be wise to consult you, my readers.

So, if you have any ideas for names, please leave a comment. If I choose any of them, or if one happens to inspire me in the naming of one of the new blogs, there will be prizes. Now, I’m not promising anything big, but something thoughtful and from the heart.

Or, if you think it’s a bad idea to break up the blog into its individual parts, or if you think I should split them differently, you can tell me that, too. Please share your thoughts, feelings and opinions. And if you’re not comfortable posting a comment, you can always email me.

11 thoughts on “breaking up the band

  1. Hi Chloe, glad we found each other on the blogosphere! I love your blog, and you have way more to say than I do–mine is all about my kid. Typical mom. Anyway, I LOVE your photography and think you should add “be a photographer/food stylist for a cooking magazine” to your list! Good work with the running and Weight Watchers. I’m a registered dietitian and I have changed my whole approach to eating and the way I counsel people. Check out the book “Intuitive Eating” if you’re interested…

  2. My vote is for 1 blog. Maybe one for recipies. To me it just seems like too much work! But that’s just me. Maybe you have extra time on your hands… :)Plus, I need you to help me make my blog more creative. There are a few things I can’t figure out and I need your help! PLEEEEASE! I’ll eamil you – or do you ever chat online? I guess I could call you – if I had ur #. I will make an appointment with you soon!Love you!

  3. from a blog splitter, i like having 2 blogs- that way my running is one thing and everything else is another. i can’t imagine having 3. sometimes 2 seems too much. way to go with the 12 miles! i hear ya on running sans ear phones. i run early, too- and though we live in a pretty safe area, i still get freaked out. usually it’s just a rabbit jumping out at me, but i always fear the worst (strange man, coyote, cougar…)

  4. I know google reader is supposed to be swell (I have never used it, but that’s what everyone says), but I like one central blog. You could do different pages on your blog – a cooking page, a weight loss page, and the other stuff – which would still kind of be like 3 different blogs, but you could keep them all at one address. Does that make any sense??

  5. I say stick with one. When it comes to blogging, the more frequent the updates, the more fun for everyone. Thus the problem with multiple blogs: Each will be updated only when there’s something new for that blog’s topic. The implication: Less fun for everyone, which is BAD. Conversely, with only one blog that you update for everything, that blog gets LOTS of updates, implying MORE fun for everyone, which is EXCELLENT.Plus (and really, this is the most important point), your having one blog will make life easier for me, which should undoubtedly be your deciding factor. ;-D

  6. I wish I could help on the names but I have the hardest time with that sort of thing. In the past, I would have said 3 blogs would be too many for people to check often enough. But now with google reader I can keep up with so many! If you have enough to say to keep all 3 going, I say go for it!

  7. Thanks for your comment! It’s great to hear from you! 12 miles!! Whoa- that is awesome! I am excited to read about all that you are into especially the cooking- it looks yummy! Take care!

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