christmas (only a month or so late)

I know those of you who follow me on Twitter know about my awesome adventures with canceled flights and the resulting extended vacation, but now some pics from the trip. I had so much fun hanging out with my fam and I’m so excited Justin and Cherity and kids are moving to this side of the Mississippi in just a few months. And now, a series of photos and captions (this is more for my family than anything):

We got a lot of snow the first couple days I was there…Justin got lots of exercising plowing the driveway. He’s so helpful!

Cherity hanging out in the snow…we were having a great time sledding!

Do you think he was having fun? Sledding with kids is so entertaining!

Hope thought making snow angels was the best!

Tannon, on the other hand, was having a great time playing dead. Such a boy!
The family does love to bowl…does that make us trashy?

Ever independent, little miss munchkin wanted to do everything on her own, including lift her own bowling ball.

Pretending to sleep so Santa could come…it didn’t work.

My cute brother and his family – love the Christmas jammies!

Cookies for Santa…what I didn’t get a picture of was the plate five minutes later, after the dog ate the cookies. It’s a good thing we had extras.

All ready for the kiddies to come down the stairs…I helped build the dollhouse. Playing Santa is much more fun than just getting gifts.

A new ski jacket to go with his new skis and season pass. He’s lucky his dad like skiing so much!

This year we did the gingerbread houses right. Justin and Cherity constructed them the night before so they could set up and then we decorated them. Much better.

Ice Skating! This little one LOVED it!

Justin having so fun helping Hope…until she got one of those little walkers, at which point she wanted nothing to do with anyone.
Tannon, not so patiently, waiting for the zamboni to finish smoothing the ice.

Such a little sass! And not even three years old.

New Year’s Eve bowling in Utah with the New York friends.

Unfortunately Fortunately, no one got a shot of me sliding down the lane when I got a little too enthusiastic…

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