if you’re wondering

I realize that I have not been blogging about running. And there’s a reason for that. I haven’t been running. And there’s a reason for that…

When I was in Utah, I had a lovely day skiing up at Sundance with the little brother. While conditions were less than ideal, it was great to be back on the slopes. Until I fell and twisted my knee. I’d love to tell you this fall was the result of me pushing myself to my limits on some black diamond. Though I did fall more than a few times coming down various black diamond runs, this fall, the knee twisting fall, was just me being a little bit klutzy. Well, and some d-bag standing in a really stupid place waiting to get in line to go up the lift. I thought, with my stellar skills, I could just squeeze past him into line…but alas, there was a pole in the ground separating the lines and my right ski caught it while my left ski kept going and, before I realized what had happened, I was in the splits.
Now, you might be wondering why, if that happened in December, it would have just started bugging me now and you would be right to wonder as much. The truth is, it’s been bugging me since it happened, but I just pushed through it because it didn’t hurt while I was actually running. And then, a little over a week ago, the morning after that fantastic run (the one with reverse splits and one of my best easy miles), I had been sitting for a while at work and when I got up to go grab a drink, pain shot through my leg and it almost gave way. I decided, at that point, that I probably needed to let it heal if I am going to be able to run this half marathon in March. It’s feeling better, although today was not great. I’m pretty frustrated with the whole thing, to be perfect frank. And so, tomorrow, I probably need to have it checked out…
Which brings me to an entirely different subject. Moving somewhere new is not super easy in terms of all the new people you have to find; dentist, stylist, doctors, etc, etc, etc. Any recommendations from those of you who have moved a lot of the best way to find these people? 
Back to the running. While I am frustrated, I still have two months and I was doing pretty well with the training, so I am not too worried. And my body has always been really good at healing, so…there is hope. 
P.S. For those of you that deal with chronic knee pain, my sincerest sympathies!

2 thoughts on “if you’re wondering

  1. Boo, I hope your knee feels better soon.Additionally, I have a really great dentist (with a hygienist who I LOVE, and I hate going to the dentist…) as well as a dermatologist. The dentist is in Murray Hill, so not very convenient for you, but the dermatologist is near your work. Let me know if you want info.

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