the life of a former esthetician

My personal MAC collection

As many of you know, once upon a time I was an esthetician. This had been a dream of mine as a girl, and so after I finished undergrad (well, most of it), I went to beauty school in Arizona. One of the benefits of this experience was that I learned how to apply makeup. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I had done my makeup before I went to beauty school, but this was different. This was brushes, and tints, and shades, and techniques. This was for black and white photos, color photos, weddings, costume parties. It was not something I learned easily or quickly, but I did learn.

Since going through the makeup classes in beauty school, I have become an observer of faces and how makeup is applied. I love looking at prints adds and dissecting the techniques. I try new things every so often. I update my colors every six months or so. MAC is my brand of choice. I love the colors and the price point. Great product that’s accessible to the masses…and you can try it on.

Anyway, a few days ago Jenn asked me if I would help her with her eye makeup. I said sure. In truth, this makes me a little nervous because, while I do my own makeup daily, I don’t do other people’s makeup very often anymore…and eyes are the hardest because everyone’s eyes are shaped so differently…and let’s not forget that the lovely Jenna had her makeup done by uber professionals when she attended the Emmys. Anyway, we decided we’d have a little makeup party tonight, so Jenn, Sara, Maria, and Jenna all came over and I busted out my own person MAC counter.

It was so fun to push myself. It was fun to be doing makeup again. It was fun to transform how my friends looked. Not that they didn’t look great before. (I have really pretty friends.) But to just show them how to change it up. Or how to make their eyes look bigger. Or bring out the gold in their irises. It was really quite a fun time…once I got over my nerves. I just hope they enjoyed it as much as I did! And I hope MAC appreciates the sales they’re going to get tomorrow.

P.S. Even with all of my experience, I still get intimidated when I go to the MAC counter (I never tell them I was an esthetician), but it’s worth it to learn new techniques and find new colors. And if you feel the same way I do, scheduling a makeup lesson is a great way to go.

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