my favorite part of central park

Central Park, in case you’ve never been, is huge. Most of what they show in movies are the same two or three spots; Bethesda Fountain, Poet’s Walk, the Boathouse. And if you do make a trip to New York, I definitely recommend all of those locations. However, when I first got to the city last summer, for my internship, Sarah and I made our way to the Conservatory Garden. It’s on the upper east side of the park and I LOVE it. It reminds me of some of my favorite gardens in Paris; very manicured, very quiet, almost like take a step back in time.

Well, it had been way too long since I’d A) been there and B) taken ANY pictures. So, two weeks ago, on a lovely Sunday morning my friend AnnMarie and I went for a walk through the park and I got some lovely early fall photos. (Please don’t judge my unedited photos and know that these do not do it justice.)

 Please appreciate the fact that this was a Sunday morning around 11 am and I managed to shoot all of these with not a single person in my way…one of the many things I love about this part of the park!

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