a place to live (not just sleep)

Finally, after a lot of debate and several attempts, I now have living room furniture (too much, in fact, but that will be reconciled shortly). Here’s the story. At first, I really wanted a sleeper love seat. I thought it would be perfect. I bought the slipcover in Utah before I moved here, even. It was going to be in this pattern. I was so excited about it.

Then, after moving in, I started to have second thoughts about the pattern. I have a lot of stuff in a very small space and I was questioning the patterned slipcover choice. I was discussing this with my friend, Monica one evening and she convinced me that yes, in fact, it would be too busy. So, back to IKEA it went. (Like my fourth trip to IKEA to return something.)

What I really wanted, after deciding to get a solid was this gorgeous gray…but as luck would have it, the sleeper love seat does not have a gray slipcover. I was going to have to settle on black. But then, rather than just count on my visual estimation that the sleeper love seat would fit just fine, I decided I should probably actually measure my space. You know what’s coming next. While the sleeper would have fit (technically) it was going to just eat up my whole living area. Disappointed, I found the silver lining–I could get the gray.

Off to IKEA I went…again (the plus side being I love their meatballs, so I get cheap dinner there) only to discover that of course, the slipcover of which the website stated they had six, was out of stock. I went up to the showroom to get an order form for the love seat frame…and lo and behold there was my love seat, on display high on a shelf, with the gray slipcover.

I found the sofa guy, asked about the order form, and then semi-jokingly asked what the likelihood was that I could get that slipcover off of that love seat. He told me to go over and speak to his manager and I did. After checking the system to see when the next shipment was coming in (there was no next shipment) the manager told the furniture guy to go ahead an pull the slipcover off the love seat for me. I was ecstatic!

After getting the slipcover, I was instructed to take it down to the “As Is” desk and get it priced. I seriously would have paid full price, but I was thrilled at the prospect of getting this $149 slipcover for a discount. And the final price…$20. That’s right…$20! How excited was I? (Even with the $50 dry cleaning cost, I saved over 50% on slipcovers in perfect condition…the high location meant that they had not been sat on, just gotten very dusty.)

The rip was not without disappointment, though. The actual love seat was out of stock. However, that did give me time to get the slipcover cleaned without being sad I didn’t have it ready to cover my love seat. (Yes, I am making this long story and long as it felt because I want you to be able to empathize.) I planned on returning to IKEA the next week to get my love seat and the ottoman I decided to purchase, as well…an armchair, which was the original plan, was just going to take up too much space. But then, looking at my monthly expenses and where my cash levels were, I realized I would have to wait for my next paycheck.

Finally, this Friday, I was able to go to IKEA. Love seat, ottoman, and ottoman slipcover all in stock. I loaded these items onto my cart, paid for them, and scheduled the delivery for yesterday between 2 and 6. A small part of me was slightly frightened that they would actually be able to get the love seat into my apartment…down the long, narrow hallway, but my fears were unnecessary. IKEA makes things intended for urban living and packages them with the smallest volume possible.

My furniture was delivered at 3:00 yesterday and it took me about an hour to get everything put together and slipcovers on (by myself, I might add) and I am now blogging from the comfort of my lovely love seat!!! I could not be happier with my purchases.

And now, drumroll please….

photo courtesy of my iPhone

…my living room!* Isn’t the gray lovely?! The blue and gold throw pillows are from Pottery Barn, on sale for $7.99 each! And I couldn’t resist the black and white floral pillow because, while a sofa would have been way too much pattern for my apartment, I love the pattern. Now I just need to get my aunt to help me sew a quilt with the colors of the room to tie it all together!

*The coffeed table has to go…the ottoman will double as a coffee table…so if you know anyone in New York City who would like a brand new, $149, already put together coffee table, have them contact me…I will give them a smoking deal.

3 thoughts on “a place to live (not just sleep)

  1. that looks amazing! chloe your life is a fairy tale! i want to come visit you soon — envying your life, your apartment, and all your adventures! love you & miss you lots!

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