a cupcake party

For those of you who know my friend Kelly or read her blog, you know that she loves cupcakes (although I think ice cream is her new favorite) and is a super talented scrapbooker (in other words, she’s very creative). Well, one of the things she wanted to do this year was to have a cupcake party…and that she did. And she even planned it for when the lovely and equally talented Sarah was going to be in town.

So, on Saturday, a group of us girls gathered under the pine trees in Central Park for the most amazing cupcake party ever. (I’m still recovering.) For a full account of the party, please visit Kelly’s post. She did an amazing job documenting it.

The mistake we made initially was trying to eat too much of each cupcake (there were 18!). I got smart after the first four quarters and slowed down to two little bites each…I still only made it through 9 of them. I definitely had my favorites. In any case, if you want to have a very fun party, I highly recommend something like this. Plus, I now know that I LOVE Sweet Revenge cupcakes. Incredibly delicious (IMO…which was not shared by everyone)!

All photos courtesy of KP.

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