it’s the little things

There are several things that make moving to New York challenging. First is the utter lack of available and affordable space. Second is the cost. And then there’s the overall dirtiness of the city (if anyone ever tries to tell you that New York is not a filthy city, just know that he/she is lying or has just become totally desensitized). The rats in the subway…and on the street late at night on garbage days. The multiple and various little bugs that might infest your apartment, or as was discovered this week, the movie theater. Being constantly late or early because subways tend to run on their own schedules.

Really, I could keep going.

The interesting thing is, though, that you just get used to those things. I know that might sound odd, but it’s true. You learn how to be adaptable.

But there are some great things about the inconveniences of living in New York. And one of those, for me, is laundry. Yes, the household chore that I hate most in this world (closely followed by unloading the dishwasher). At my price point for rent, there was no way I was going to find an apartment with a washer and dryer in the actual unit. Not only that, but my fabulous apartment happens to be in a building that doesn’t have a washer and dryer in it at all. Which means my options are hauling my laundry to a laundromat (the closest one being two blocks away), or taking it to the little wash and fold right next to my building for a little bit more money. I’m sure you all know which option I have chosen.

Are they the best laundry people ever? No. The place I took my stuff last summer was much better. But once I realized that I would have to separate my lights and darks and take them in separately (a hard learned lesson) it got much better. I drop it off in the morning and when I pick it up in the evening, it is in this lovely folded, plastic wrapped bundle that makes me so happy.

And because it is all folded and I now have places for all of my clothes (have I mentioned the wardrobe clean-out that I had to do both before and after I arrived in New York?), I put it away as soon as I undo the bundle so as not to have to fold it myself later.

It will be a sad day when I move back to somewhere that requires me to do laundry again. Or even once I can afford to live in a place that has a washer and dryer making me feel like I should do my own laundry. But for now, I will just enjoy this little perk that helps to counter all the aforementioned things that make living in the city a little rough.

P.S. Don’t get me wrong…I LOVE this city and hope to be here for a long time. I just want people to realize it’s not all glitz and glam.

3 thoughts on “it’s the little things

  1. chloe…so good to see you and your sound so happy. and what a darling place! when I scrolled down to see the before pics of the apt i felt overwhelmed for you!you have done a great job! what a master of filling small spaces… i am living in az now in 1500 square feet for the school year and feeling your pain about down sizing.. its a challenge, but i am liking eht 'simplified' lifestyle.. miss you.. keep the blog posts coming! love ya kendall

  2. Chloe,I found you on the Briawna's blog and loved reading about some of your New York adventures. I hope you don't mind. I am so excited for you and hope that you keep enjoying your job, apartment and the Big Apple. Good luck

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