getting there…

I know all of you were just dying for more pictures of my apartment…but I wanted to document where it is now…almost done (a couch, a chair, and a t.v. are all that I have left to add!).

I also wanted to document that I hosted my first brunch (and first anything) in my cute apartment! My darling friend Emily was in town with her cousin Athelia, so they both came over and we were joined by AnnMarie (another b-schooler who lives just two blocks from me). I made crepes. It was very fun. Of course I forgot to take any pictures while everyone was here, but such is life.

the lovely main room
from the other side (still no couch or chair)
I love my bedroom!
my happy little bathroom
I love this little bookcase from IKEA. It’s the perfect size!
space limitations mean getting creative…those are all of my spices stuck to my fridge!
The magical kitchen table…notice that there is no longer a set of drawers under my breakfast bar.

And just so you know, I actually have not been blogging because I have not had time. Between the new job and my new (and very exciting) dating adventures…I don’t get a lot done. But I promise I will post about the dating thing soon because it has been thoroughly enjoyable (in case you’re wondering, New York beats any other place I’ve lived…hands down).

3 thoughts on “getting there…

  1. Please post more soon. I love hearing about your life in New York. (I write this while my children are screaming and my hands smell like the poopy diaper I just changed.) It's a nice escape for me.

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