the apartment – a work in progress

Moving is not fun. Moving and downsizing is really not fun. That said, I LOVE my apartment. Thanks to Kelly who was willing to come and look at the apartment–MY apartment–I am in a fabulous one-bedroom on the Upper West Side of the fabulous island of Manhattan. But that doesn’t change the fact that moving sucks. And it’s expensive. So, at long last, here are some photos of the apartment…a work in progress.

It didn’t feel like I had that much stuff when it was all packed in the 10 ft Budget truck with room to spare. But then you pile it into a rather small living room…and it feels like A LOT.

This weird looking vented box? My AC casing. Sarah and I installed it. Ourselves. No boys to help. And guess what. It’s still in the window and still working. (Yes, I did just knock on wood…that thing was pricey!)

This was taken about a week after I moved in. Progress for sure. Although it’s looking even better now. A lot better (only five boxes to go)! Some of this is old stuff that I brought with me (mostly the cubes from Target that make up my “entertainment center”), but most of it is new. Despite the fact that I had a lot of furniture, most of it couldn’t come with me because it just wouldn’t fit.
This…I love. It’s weird to be back in a twin bed, but not because I don’t like it. Just because it is. As you can see, my view is of an alley and a building. This is true of all my windows. I don’t get a lot of direct light, but in the middle of the afternoon, my room looks like this…and it makes me happy. Plus, I LOVE the print of the girls in the water on my wall. I’ve had this print since I was 19. I purchased it while backpacking through Europe. It’s by a Spanish artist name Joaquin Sorolla. My friend Courtney, who was with me, wanted to purchase the same print, but there was only one at the museum. She was really nice and let me have it. It reminds me of my childhood, growing up in California, playing in the ocean.
It’s good to have my stuff out storage and on my walls. It’s good to have walls! While I am grateful for the apartment over my dad’s garage, it is nice to not be living in an attic anymore. Really, really nice. You should come visit me here. It’s a lovely place, this apartment of mine.

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