Doughnut Plant’s delicious blackberry jelly doughnut with peanut butter glaze!

Last Saturday I woke up craving Doughnut Plant. I could not stop thinking about it. It’s on the other end of the city and something about the thought of going all the way down to the Lower East Side just for a doughnut made me feel ridiculous. But the craving was still there. I decided that if I really wanted the doughnut that badly, then I could run/walk the 7 miles (I thought it was 6, but I just looked at the map again…7!) to get there.

I got all geared up (running shoes on, fuel belt loaded with water, gum, phone, keys, and metro card–no way I was running/walking both directions) and headed out the door. One of my favorite things about where I live is that I’m two blocks from Riverside Park and the Hudson River trail (no idea if that’s its actual name, but there’s a path that goes down the Hudson from at least 96th to Battery Park–all the way to the southern tip, basically). It was a gorgeous day and running along the river felt absolutely amazing.

Eventually (I did walk about 3 of the miles…running through Chinatown is a virtual impossibility), I got to Doughnut Plant and picked up my delicious treat! Don’t worry…I got three. I figured every two miles was worth at least one doughnut, right. It was well worth the trip.

Now if I can only motivate myself to go running with something other than food…

2 thoughts on “doughnuts

  1. How did I miss this while I was there?? I was drooling over the picture! Way to run too! I think you totally deserved at least a dozen~

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