the insanity that is nyc – in the best sense of the word!

Yesterday, I was heading out for my *cough* weekly *cough* *cough* mani/pedi. As I walked to the new nail place I wanted to try (favorite so far), I had to pass the IFC Theater that is right by the W 4th Street subway stop. There was an event going on…it looked like a movie premiere. So of course, I stopped and gawked for a while (so sad I didn’t have my camera with me).
Here’s a link with pics of the red carpet at the screening with all of the famous people I saw (not the after party pics, just the obviously red carpet celebs). New York City is seriously magical; like Disneyland for grown-ups (who don’t like Disneyland…and probably those who do, too).
And then today, KP and I were at Pommes Frites (a super favorite) and who should walk by. None other than Rachel Dratch. And yeah, she pretty much looks like she does on t.v. or in movies. After that, we went to Joe’s Pub to see Katie Herzig (another super fave, but this one of the musical variety). And we had just enough time after the concert to jet up to the Lincoln Center Barnes & Noble to pick up the new book by Jennifer Weiner (of In Her Shoes fame) and have them signed by none other than the author herself!

*All photos stolen from KP.

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