new look for the blog

It had been about a year since I changed the look of the blog. I’ve been wanting to do it for a while, but was trying to figure out a background so that I could have Sarah create a new banner for me. Yes, I’m just lucky enough to have a fabulous friend to design blog banners for me (although to my credit, I try to only change it once…maybe twice…a year). But this weekend she had her computer with her, so I just decided to see what she came up with and go from there.

She threw something together in about five seconds. It was simple, and classy, and exactly what I was going for; the beauty of having a BFF who totally knows me. But then, what to do for a background.

Well my darling sister-in-law, Cherity has become somewhat of a master of Photoshop, so I asked her if she could take the color from the banner (love RGB codes) and create a background. At first we tried a texture, but the look just wasn’t right. She suggested polka-dots. I thought the idea of them was great, but wanted something just a little retro, and so the stars were born. The yellow/orange color was added a little later, as I switched colors of fonts to find a look.

I seriously love it. I was considering just going with plain white, but this is much more me.

Thanks Sarah and Cherity for being so generous!

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