oh…chicago with kp and sare

One of my favorite things about my fabulous friends is their willingness to just make things happen (i.e., go on random trips at the drop of hat).

Here is how it went down. One afternoon in January I was bored with my studying and decided to look at ticket prices to Chicago (it had been a year since I saw the fabulous KP). Well, tickets were cheap, so I purchased one…after quickly checking to make sure that weekend worked. I then sent my itinerary to both KP and Sarah, knowing that Sarah had been wanting to go out to Chicago, too. Ten minutes later, I had an itinerary for Sarah’s flight. And this is how it’s done. It’s how I live my life. As a boy from my past always used to say, “Never invited. Always welcome.”

These are the types of friendships that I just love.

The photos are how that love manifested itself Saturday morning (aka Valentine’s Day); KP, Sarah, and me in the photo booth. Who doesn’t love a photo booth?

And yes, there is more to come; movies, restaurants, and lots of cupcakes.

5 thoughts on “oh…chicago with kp and sare

  1. K, so I need to update my blogroll because I had your business school blog on there and had been thinking, “Wow, Chloe has really dropped off the radar lately!” since you hadn’t been posting on it–just realized you’re posting on this blog! I’m excited to catch up again. Anyway, in answer to your question, I don’t know Autumn, though I’m sure they’re related. My grandpa moved to California when my parents were younger, but all his siblings stayed here in Utah and there are a bunch of Telfords running around that I don’t know but I’m distant cousins with :).

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