but first…the rest of london

And this is the end of my trip to Europe…over a month later.

I’ve been to London before and I liked it fine, but this trip I fell in love.

We spent some quality time at Leicester Square. This is where discount show tickets can be purchased. And how many did we see in those last few days? FOUR! So, five in total. (We saw Les Mis at the beginning of the trip).

I love that Erika loves theater because it means we went lots. What did we see? Carousel – not fantastic but I remember watching it as a kid at my grandma’s house (my grandma also loves musical theater) so I was excited to see it. Wicked – phenomenal again! Hairspray – absolutely fabulous live…except for a small issue with American diction. And my favorite of the week (not including Wicked because I’d already seen it)? Billy Elliott. Incredible.

And…a food picture. Why I didn’t take my camera to Chicago is beyond me, but I didn’t. How I love taking pictures of food! Almost as much as I like to eat it. This was at this darling French patisserie just off of Piccadilly Square. It was lovely…and the owner was there so I got to chat him up in French. I so need to move back to Europe.

And this was New Year. Seriously. Our hotel was right by the London Eye (as seen in this photo all lit up by fireworks). It was INCREDIBLE. New Year is not my favorite holiday (I don’t hate it…I just think it’s overrated), so spending it in London was fantastic!

Why yes…we do look exhausted. Thanks for asking.

And in case you were wondering where my darling cousin is in these pics…she was back in California. Her trip was just a bit shorter than ours.

1 thought on “but first…the rest of london

  1. Those last couple of days in London were so relaxing. Chloe and I decided that we had seen everything we wanted to see the first time around. So, instead of being tourists, we just bummed around Leicester Square and Harrod’s, watching shows and buying souveniers for the kiddies. Billy Elliot…was outstanding. The music and dancing were spectacular, and it had a great story. If any of you get a chance to see it, be it in London or New York, GO. You won’t regret it.New Year’s…In case any of you are curious, drunken revelry does indeed sound better with a British Accent. That’s all I have to say about that.Cheers!

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