children suck your brain

I haven’t posted in the last two weeks because I’ve been very, very busy. I’m in Arizona helping my sister and her husband with their 13-month-old little girl and newborn baby boy (he was born last week and is an absolute joy!). They are also in the middle of a move. It’s been a little hectic, to say the least.

Now to the post.

So, with all of this going on, I’ve been a bit sleep deprived. I’m sure you mothers out there know what it’s like. Yes, I’m often sleep deprived, but the exhaustion children cause is like nothing else out there.

Anyway, my sister, niece, nephew and I are driving through the drive-thru at Sonic the other day. It was happy hour, so we had a long wait. The two kids are happy in the back, my sister is making phone calls, and I’m checking my email on my phone as I inch the car forward (I’m a safe driver, I swear). We continue like this, all happily doing our things. La la la.

Suddenly, my sister looks at me, after hanging up with some idiot contractor, and asks, “Did you order?”

What? I look to my left and see that I have passed the little order station. In fact, it’s two cars back. And no, I didn’t order.

I have never felt like such a dumb blond in my life. Ever. (Justin, if you can think of others, I don’t want to hear them). So, we get to the window, I tell the cute little 16-year-old what happened and he took our order. He was very sweet, but you could tell he was laughing at me inside. Thankfully we were at Sonic, where they are used to bringing your food to your car, so it was no big deal to pull the car out of the way and wait for him to bring us our drinks.

My sister just looked at me and said, “I’m glad I’m not the only one who gets her brain sucked by children”.

Speaking of children, the munchkin has caught on to the fact that I’m leaving her in her highchair extra long so I can get this post out. Time to go!

ETA: Just got back from our (almost) daily trip to Sonic. This time it was just me and the munchkin. I did it AGAIN! How spacey am I??? Those blasted lines make you think that you have time to get things done, but noooo. This time, though, the line was short enough that I just drove around again, putting my phone away and leaving my window rolled down. Nothing like the AZ heat to remind you why your window is down. I’m such an idiot.

16 thoughts on “children suck your brain

  1. So funny. I can’t say I’ve ever done that..yet..but I’m sure my day will come. I don’t have kids distracting me. I’m always focused on my diet coke.

  2. I did that once at Iceberg! I was so embarrassed. We sat at the ordering place, figuring out what we wanted, then I just drove on over to the window. Duh.Yes, children make you exhausted in a way you can’t describe. You can’t understand it until you have done it.

  3. heeheehee! I love this vignette! I’m going to re-tell it to my mom, who is helping me w/ my kids this week (I have a newborn sucking MY brain).

  4. SO funny! Speaking of AZ. . . are we going to see you??? How long are you here? If you can’t get down here maybe I could come meet you for dinner. . . let me know! You are a nice aunt and sister!

  5. That is so dang funny. Those happy hour lines take forever I agree. Tell your sister hi and congrats on the new baby for me. If you guys want to do luch sometime let me know I would love to see you

  6. I just picked myself up off the floor. This was the best. I think you are right though, or your sister is, it’s not so much the hair color as it’s what I call Mom Brain. We try, we really do.

  7. this is too funny- i’m so glad you just drove forward past it rather than into the next car or backed into the car behind you! 🙂 and you are SOOOO lucky to know this prior to having children. it will not be such a rude awakening for you then. :)oh man, i’m still laughing. you crack me up. and your sister is seriously a lucky girl to have you around!

  8. Wow!!! Twice huh? Once is pretty air headed…But I don’t even think that Erika would have done it twice. I would start using the stationary lanes from now on. Just remember you’ll need to back up after you get the drinks. DONT DRIVE FORWARD.Crap…Now you’re going to get to Sonic and be all sorts of confused. Maybe Madeline should drive from now on.

  9. that is hilarious! at least you didn’t knock your side mirror off like I’ve heard some people do in the drive through lane! You are a good auntie.

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