did i ever tell you…

about my crazy trip to Spokane to spend 2o-hours with a Canadian I met online?

about running with bulls in Pamplona?

about the time I went cliff jumping at Lake Powell and belly flopped from 25 feet?

about my sister’s attempt to feather my hair (with scissors) when I was 7 and she was 10 while my mom was on one of her girlfriend trips to Europe?

about my first real kiss (and just how old I was)?

about being an exchange student in Belgium?

about the time Justin and I (at the ripe young ages of 7 and 8) got lost while walking back to our condo from Lappert’s (the ice cream shop in Princeville)?

that my sister and I still speak Gibberish when we don’t want people to understand us…and we’re both in our thirties?

about the time my bag was stolen in Barcelona?

about the time when I was a tattoo artist (okay…it was only permanent makeup)?

about how I went to beauty school after I graduated college to become an esthetician?

about the time when I went diving with sharks (just little reef sharks), or the ship wreck I got to explore?

about winning an award for a paper I wrote in my Honors English class about when my mom died?

about the time I sang back up for Paul Anka?

about the time I ate a caterpillar?

that we used to have a half-pipe in our backyard?

about the time I hit a gypsy in Rome?

about the time I got on a train from Lisbon to Madrid without a ticket and thought it would be a good idea to try and hide from the ticket agents?

that I would still go t.p.-ing when I was a sophomore in college?

about the one (and only) time I shoplifted?

about tracking grizzly bears in Yellowstone?

about the time I got my dad’s Pathfinder so stuck that we had to leave it and come back the next day to dig it out?

about bursting into tears while discussing sexual transgression during a religion class my freshman year? (the tears and topic were unrelated, but it was pretty funny)

that I often reflect on my life and wonder why I have been so blessed, even with all of the hard stuff?

10 thoughts on “did i ever tell you…

  1. Loved this! I agree with Hannah – impressive! You need to expound on some of these stories. 🙂

  2. Clearly I have been your friend for a long time, because I knew about several of these. But some were new and exciting–a quick trip to love a Canadian! Who knew?!

  3. You’ve certainly have some interesting adventures. This makes for a great topic list when you can’t think of anything else to write about.

  4. This list is impressive Chloe! Just knowing you, one can tell that you don’t live a dull life and want to experience all that life has to offer. So admirable! I hope you expound on some if not all of these some day!

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