please stay tuned…

I’m alive. I promise. I just have lots going on. But here are a few quick updates…because I keep forgetting to share them.

  1. The trip to Africa is not happening…for various reasons, the main one being our school (the one we support) in the Congo is about to lose their meeting place (a little shack where school is held), so at this point raising money is much more important than traveling over there. But my shots were not in vain because they are all good for at least two years, so when we go next year, which is the plan, I am fully vaccinated.
  2. I started training my replacement this week. I don’t think I’m very good at training someone to do what I do. Part of it is that I am a pretty intuitive person. Part of it is that my brain moves from subject to subject so quickly that I can’t just teach her one thing without interrupting myself 25 times. And part of it is that there is just so much to learn and do. The good news? Only eight more days of work and they are sure to go by quickly with everything I have to teach the New Girl.
  3. I lost 5.4 lbs last week. Which is great since the week before I gained .8. Do you love how I share the drop, but didn’t mention the increase?
  4. My summer plans are falling into place…I just have no idea how I’m going to pay my bills. It looks like I will be spending my summer bouncing between my siblings. I’m really excited to have a “break” before school starts and to be able to work on Sowers stuff in a big way, along with a new opportunity that looks to be both lucrative and great for the resume. I’m sure things will work out financially…isn’t that what student loans are for?
  5. I have not been running like I should, but will be shortly (I’ve had a cold for almost two weeks). In order to ensure this, I’m running Wasatch Back, entered in the lottery for St. George, about to sign up for the Hobble Creek Half and definitely running the Las Vegas full. If I get in to St. George, I will be running two marathons in the space of two months. It should be a good time.

I think that’s it on the updates. I have more posts coming, but I have a serious case of “I can’t write anything because I have so much to say and can’t figure out where to start or how to say it”. So until that goes away, this will have to do.

8 thoughts on “please stay tuned…

  1. 5.4 is so unbelievable! way to go!we can go to the congo together. i had my ticket, and then found out my passport is in my maiden name. so i have a ridiculous credit on air france to be used in the next year. pleh.when is sign ups for hobble creek half? i have to have to have to do it.

  2. Wow, 5.4 lbs in one week, that is awesome. I wouldn’t mention the 0.8 either, why bother? That’s great that you are staying so committed to the half marathons and marathons. I feel a bit relieved after getting the SLC 1/2 overwith! I need to sign up for something quick. Too bad about Africa but at least you still get to be involved and can go next year.

  3. I HEART Weight Watchers.I HEART the pictures of that pie.I am dying to hear more about that Spokane story you shared on my blog!!! I left you a comment after the comment you left!!!!

  4. Sorry to hear about Africa, but way to find the silver lining with the vaccinations. I totally feel your financial pain. I graduate on Friday and then have no income until August. Yikes!By the way, you inspired me to join WW…week 2 for me.

  5. Hi Chloe, I hope you don’t mind me reading your blog. I’m pretty sure I’ve talked to you on the phone at BYU before-and I’m a friend of Hannah’s.Congratulations on your weight loss and running!Sorry about your Africa trip! What a bummer-but it sounds like you are staying positive and keeping things in perspective.

  6. Your running list is inspiring! Congrats on your loss–focus on that–last week’s teeny tiny gain is SO in the past. 🙂

  7. SAD about your Africa trip- hopefully you all raise enough money to make the difference! I too am bad at training someone new for pretty much the exact same reasons you stated. I had to train two people to replace me when I was about to have Mya and it about sent me into labor.Yeah! for the weight loss. Hopefully you diving back into running will just keep those numbers falling.And running- woohoo! One of these Saturdays we need to do Provo canyon or something…I am still easing back into the miles myself. Can’t wait for Hobble Creek.

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