One of the speakers at church on Sunday asked the following, in reference to receiving answers to prayers:

Are you paying pennies for dollar answers?

This made me think about how many things in my life I want and whether I am making the effort necessary to have those things. It was a fascinating exercise in self-analysis…and apparently, when it comes to my life, I am a bargain shopper.

If only that were true of my shopping habits.

11 thoughts on “pennies

  1. Adding a little confusion to the mix? — I’m OK with that. Besides, you deserve recognition. People should know about you – about your working so hard for practically nothing, your loathing of consumer debt, and your insane drive to run (and finish) marathons. Anyone else would be in Dante’s seventh circle if force live such a sorry existence. And yet, you have that flair that allows for a fabulous life — jetting to New York for Broadway shows; gallivanting to California for spa weekends; and slaving for me. The world should know about you. You bring us all hope.

  2. SO true! Yes, it is thought provoking, but I am not going to let it be right now, because I think I am right there with you on being a bargain shopper!!!

  3. Erika…thanks for confusing the situation. Hannah, it’s what Robyn said. I’m talking on an “investing in my life” level, not a real bargain shopping level.

  4. The way I read it is that I’m often paying pennies and expecting hundred dollar answers. I’m just not putting the effort in, but still expecting the answer.Not sure if that was the intended meaning or not, but that’s the way I see it. And I’m guilty of that a lot. Either that, or I am too stubborn and try to figure things out all by myself (result=0 dollars).

  5. I am kind of with erika- getting more for your money just seems smart. I think things that you save and wait and work hard for are much better used and appreciated than spending big bucks on the spot. Maybe I just don’t get the analogy?

  6. I don’t understand the issue. Yes, you’re going through life paying in pennies (or at least slave labor). But you get one-hundred-dollar answers in return, on a regular basis. Where’s the problem?

  7. I love your blog! Can I be cool like you? If we do move there, I want pointers (on making a cooler blog, and on being cool). Thanks for finding me! A bientôt, j’espère!

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