rex lee run

This morning, Bre, Hannah, and I all met up to run a 5k in P-town. It was Hannah’s first 5k and she did so great!!! I really must admit that I love being with people for their “first” race (be it ever, or the particular distance, just any new experience in running). I’m not sure why that is. Maybe it’s because I so appreciate my coworker, Dianne, for introducing me to running and being with me for my first race. Maybe it’s that I think that I am a good person to start with because I’ve been running for a while and I’m still pretty slow, so I imagine people feel pretty comfortable running with me. Maybe it’s because I love being there to see the look of accomplishment on a face after finishing (it’s kind of an exhausted look, but you can see the good feelings coming forth from within). It’s probably a little of everything. In any case, it was so fun to run with Bre again and be part of Hannah’s first race experience. And I loved that her cute husband, Lincoln, her mom, and her youngest daughter were all there to see her finish. You could tell Lincoln was so proud of her. I loved it!

As far as my personal experience with the race, I must say it was quite different than last week. I left the Nike+/iPod at home and decided to just run. I can’t stand not having it on my training runs, but with people all around me, there was plenty to look at and enjoy. I really was more in tune with my body (and just how out of running shape it is…yes, I realize I ran a half marathon last weekend, but that doesn’t mean I’m in shape, I promise). I paced myself based completely on how I felt, rather than what my screen was saying, so there was no pressure to run faster coming from my iPod. It was just about me and my body and my running. I didn’t even think about my time, I just knew I wanted to keep running. I was quite pleased with myself; I ran all but about 50 meters (I got this wicked pain in my hip and had to stretch it out for a bit) and was able to really push it to the finish.

Such a great way to start a Saturday!

*Side note – we had about four people offer to take our picture when we were attempting our self-portrait. They all thought we were a little strange when we turned them down, but it wouldn’t be an SP if someone took it for us.

10 thoughts on “rex lee run

  1. You runners rock. I would have liked to see cute Hannah at the finish line too!People are always trying to take self-portraits for you — they just don’t get the beauty of the sp.

  2. ahhh!!! so much fun! i love that you have so many running friends!!! i’ve got to move to utah, apparently….how did we get sent to ak?! way to go- it looks cold! and i love the spt!

  3. I get jealous of runners…maybe because I secretly want to be but I am so not good at it. perhaps one day my goal of a 10k will be realized. Glad it was such a fun day.

  4. I totally agree with you. Running with friends and crossing that finish line with those that haven’t before is so rewarding. There is just nothing like seeing and feeling the accomplishment that they have made.

  5. It was so fun today! Thank you for thinking of me, for inviting me, for encouraging me! You rocked it, we all did! It was fun to meet Bre and have someone to pace with and just experience the difference from just a run and an actual race. I think I am hooked more now than ever. So fun!

  6. I have never really enjoyed running at all, and I know it is becauseof my weight. But I have always wanted to. So hopefully someday I will be a runner. Especially because my husband goes for runs and it would be fun to run with him.

  7. The Rex Lee 2005 was my first race, and it was SO MUCH FUN! I have only run a handful of races, but each time I’ve run with someone else. For me, that’s the best way to do it since I’m really more concerned with finishing than I am with my time (although the people I run with usually push me to speed up rather than slowing me down!).Chloe, you are such an inspiration! What perseverance you have. I went running outside today for the first time in months; it was fabulous. Every time I run I can feel my body telling me that I was never meant to be a runner, but I need the exercise and running 5Ks can be really fun, so I do it anyway.

  8. I love running with people the first time. Just to be part of the excitement. I too am slow. I reckon I just need to find other runners to close the course with me.

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